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    Sketchy Episode 46 – ‘Coraline (w/ Matthew R. Sinclair)’

    Animator and friend of the show Matthew R. Sinclair joins Sketchy this week to discuss 2009’s “Coraline,” a stop-motion animation about a girl who finds herself in a spooky, parallel world. It was written by Neil Gaiman and directed by Henry Selick of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” fame. We also discuss a short film related […] More

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    ‘ParaNorman’ is slickly entertaining and scary in all the right ways

    ParaNorman Directed by Sam Fell and Chris Butler Written by Chris Butler USA, 2012 For Laika, the animation studio that began its fledgling career with 2009’s lovely and perceptive stop-motion film Coraline, the bar was raised high for its sophomore effort. After Henry Selick impressed audiences with his adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s story, Laika’s next […] More

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    Sound On Sight Radio #93 – Henry Selick

    listen now Download show Funny how movie marketing works. A few years back, when Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride” saw release, it became convenient to associate Burton with 1993’s “Nightmare Before Christmas,” a movie he only co-produced and did story work on. “Nightmare” was actually directed by a fellow named Henry Selick – a less sellable […] More