Jack Reynor

A Royal Night Out

Check out the new trailer for the UK’s ‘A Royal Night Out’

If you ever wondered what would happen if Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret went out for a night on the town, and got into all kinds of comical trouble, then you’ll want to check out the latest film by director Julian Jarrold. A Royal Night Out follows the young Queen and her sister as they get a one night leave from Buckingham Palace to celebrate with the common folk in London.

Sundance 2015 – ‘Glassland’ boasts incredible performances in tense and intimate thriller

One of the most well acted films of this year’s Sundance Film Festival comes from Ireland. Glassland, by director Gerard Barrett, follows John (Jack Reynor), a young taxi driver in Dublin who gets involved with the local criminal underworld in order to make the necessary money to put his alcoholic mother (Toni Collette) in recovery and reunite and fix his broken family. It’s an intimate character thriller that operates on a slow but tense burn.

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