Jackie Chan

‘Enter the Dragon’ – A Cultural Education

For most people, Enter the Dragon is a quintessential action film. The first Chinese martial arts film co-produced in Hollywood, it launched the genre, not to mention its late leading man Bruce Lee, to Western audiences. Not only does it compass elements of a thriller and an action film, but it is also culturally relevant.

‘The Legend of Drunken Master’ is an exuberant display of Jackie Chan’s physical and comedic chops

As an introduction to Jackie Chan’s oeuvre, newcomers should look no further than The Legend of Drunken Master. It’s often quite funny and features some outrageous fight stunts. Does it drop the ball with regard to plot and story? Yes, in some ways it does. That being said, Jackie Chan vehicles rarely exist to tell deep, complex thematically mature tales. However perfunctory its story is, Drunken Master is obligatory viewing for the martial arts fan.

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