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    Sundance 2015: ‘Going Clear’ is intelligent rabble-rousing at its best

    Alex Gibney might be the most important documentarian working today. In Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, he immerses us in the bizarre world of Scientology. Exhaustively detailed, Gibney intertwines testimonials and archival footage to pull back the curtain on this shadowy religious organization. Darkly hilarious and endlessly fascinating, Going Clear is investigative filmmaking at its best. More

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    The Definitive Movies of 1995

    10. Waterworld Directed by: Kevin Reynolds It could be the flop of all flops. At the time, “Waterworld” was the most expensive film ever made. Starring Kevin Costner, “Waterworld” is a science-fiction/fantasy film taking place roughly 500 years after the polar ice caps melted in the beginning of the 21st century, effectively covering the entire […] More

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    The Definitive Movie Musicals: 10-1

    The end is here – if someone asked you what the most important movie musical of all time was, it would come from this portion of the list. Obviously, it’s all subjective, but it’s difficult to make a case against the influence of these films on our culture and the industry as a whole. So, […] More

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    De Palma’s ‘Carrie’: a simple story transformed into a visual masterpiece

    It was the first film to be adapted from a Stephen King novel. Its leading ladies were acclaimed for their career-defining performances, and the film pushed its relatively unknown supporting cast into the limelight. It is one of the very few horror films to be recognised at the Academy Awards and has sincere spawned a musical, remakes, and a sequel. However, 40 years on since the publication of the original novel, nothing has captured the sheer horror of Brian De Palma’s 1976 film adaptation. So, what is it about Carrietta “Carrie” White that makes her so special? More

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    ‘Blow Out’ and ‘Blowup’: examining two masterpieces

    Please note that the following piece contains spoilers for the final act of Blow Out. Taken at face value Blow Out, Brian De Palma’s 1981 film, is a nifty and tightly wound little thriller. It starts to run into some trouble, however, when compared to Michelangelo Antonioni’s seminal counter culture classic Blowup (1966), the film […] More

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    ‘Savages’ a welcome return for Oliver Stone

    Savages Directed by Oliver Stone Written by Don Winslow USA, 2012 Leave it to none other than Oliver Stone to deliver this summer’s most satisfyingly pulpy action flick. Stone might as well have been pronounced dead to the world of cinema over the past decade. Let’s face it, the guy hasn’t been taken serious since the mid […] More

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    Taking Pelham, Then and Now: Sound On Sight Radio #126

    Taking Pelham, Then and Now This past weekend saw the release of director Tony Scott’s re-envisioning of Joseph Sargent’s 1974 thriller The Taking of Pelham One Two Three, with Denzel Washington taking over from Walter Matthau and John Travolta subbing for Robert Shaw. We’ll examine both the remake and Sargent’s original, as well as taking […] More