Jonathan Tropper

Banshee, Ep. 2.09: “Homecoming” sets up the season two endgame

Penultimate episodes in a season of television usually suffer from over-reliance on exposition, because that’s just how they function. It’s something totally excusable, because these episodes are meant to build up to the big bang of the finale, which – if any show on TV right now could pull off – Banshee should be able to deliver with an exclamation.

How Banshee Became One of Television’s Best Series

One series, though, is leading the charge at the beginning of the year. The most unlikely of heroes, Cinemax’s Banshee, in just a matter of three weeks, has matured into something truly special – something a lot of TV writers refer to as “appointment viewing” when describing other series.

Banshee, Ep. 2.01: “Little Fish” opens the season with precision

Even if the characters in this series don’t reach beyond the tropes they stem from, they’re all a part of the cog that makes Banshee run so well, at least since the back half of its first season. So, when “Little Fish” begins and you get a huge portion of the episode devoted to doing right by those characters and the events they faced last year rather than piling on action and sex scenes, a sigh of relief runs through you if you were one of the people who actually got around to seeing Banshee and accepting it on its own terms.

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