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  • The Secret in Their Eyes

    Week in Review: Make a horror movie with Guillermo Del Toro

    YouTube announced a contest this week in collaboration with director Guillermo Del Toro in which entrants with YouTube channels can submit a short horror story to be judged by Del Toro, with the winner getting the opportunity to sign a deal with Del Toro’s Legendary Pictures. The contest is called “You Tube Space House of […] More

  • The Normal Heart

    ‘The Normal Heart’ hits all the right notes

    When it comes to gripping and powerful films, HBO knows what they’re doing. Though they are TV movies, they actually feel like big Hollywood productions and often times, they are. Big name stars, expert directors, and brilliant screenplays are what comprise an HBO film these days and this is fortunate for the viewer because they are in for truly quality films. The extremely sobering The Normal Heart continues this trend of excellent filmmaking and the results are just divine. More

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    Steven Soderbergh Month: Soderbergh, Clooney, and the nature of celebrity

    Both Soderbergh and Clooney have tackled many different questions over their careers, but together, they consistently aim to understand celebrity in all of its glory and danger. The pair seem to inherently understand the allure of movie stars, and their most successful collaborations are celebrations of those we elevate above the status of “actor” and to the level of pop culture Gods. More

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    Steven Soderbergh Month: ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ a confident final entry in a star-filled trilogy

    Read our appreciation of Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve here and here, respectively. * * * “I’m a goddamn American icon!” Depending on where you stand on Ocean’s Twelve, Ocean’s Thirteen represents either a group of enormously famous actors going back to salvage the goodwill they squandered in the middle entry of the franchise, or that same […] More

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    ‘Ocean’s Twelve’ a deliciously self-aware sequel musing on the challenges of stardom

    Ocean’s Twelve has a reputation that will always precede it; some have called it an anti-sequel, and publications like Entertainment Weekly have dubbed it one of the worst sequels of all time. Though both reactions are, perhaps, understandable, neither is remotely accurate. Ocean’s Twelve is an inherently self-aware sequel, possibly the most self-aware follow-up in modern history. What Steven Soderbergh, screenwriter George Nolfi (whose original script, Honor Among Thieves, was completely unrelated to Ocean’s Eleven and was sold initially before that remake had been released), and the slightly larger-than-before ensemble cast did was make a sequel to a critically and commercially lauded caper film that was wholly cognizant of the fact that it was a sequel to a critically and commercially lauded caper film. Ocean’s Twelve toys with audience expectations, because to cave into them would’ve promised something potentially more disturbing and commonplace than what many perceived to be an ambitious creative flop: something boring. More

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    ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ a reaffirmation of old-fashioned stardom

    Movie stars, as we know them, are not so much dead in 2013 as much as they’re no longer making movies. Celebrity has stretched far beyond film or television; people become famous now without having accomplished much of anything, just for being at the right place at the right time, or tweeting out the right scandalous photo to set afire the comments sections at TMZ or Perez Hilton. Though movies cost more than they used to—both to make and to partake—they are less frequently headlined by a man or woman whose very presence ensures bankability. A handful of movie stars remain, yet even someone like Robert Downey, Jr. can only guarantee a movie will make back its profit and then some when he’s donned his Iron Man suit. More

  • News: Wall Street 2 / Futurama Back on TV /Danny Boyle Heading Back to Mumbai / Hathaway and Gyllenhaal on Screen Again / Peter Jackson Confirmed for Comic Con with the Possibility of Cameron’s Avatar

    Javier Bardem has quite a slate of films ahead of him. He is set to star as the villain in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street 2 (yes, that is actually happening) alongside Shia Labeouf and Michael Douglas. And in a crazy twist, Bardem will be playing the principle villain in the sequel, not Douglas’ Gekko (but […] More