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Marvel Unlimited- A Review

Many comic book companies, including the Big Two of Marvel and DC, offer digital copies of their comic books for sale. However Marvel has something extra to offer with its Marvel Unlimited Service, a subscription service that has access to over 15,000 comic books. Using the website or the Marvel Unlimited Application available for download …

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‘Playstation Now’ Ruined My Wednesday Evening

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: I’m a huge supporter of Playstation Now. Netflix, Spotify, Marvel Unlimited – show me a subscription service for content I want and I’ll show you my wallet. When it comes to film, TV, music and comics, roughly 90% of what I consume nowadays is streamed or …

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Marvel Unlimited: The Future of Comics

A great new app was released today for the iOS called Marvel Unlimited that has the comic world going bananas. What if you could stream any book, whenever you wanted all for one reasonably low sum like Netflix or Spotify? Well Marvel has heard the cry and today they answered. Marvel Unlimited is a subscription based …

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