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Marvel Unlimited: The Future of Comics

Marvel Unlimited: The Future of Comics


A great new app was released today for the iOS called Marvel Unlimited that has the comic world going bananas. What if you could stream any book, whenever you wanted all for one reasonably low sum like Netflix or Spotify? Well Marvel has heard the cry and today they answered.

Marvel Unlimited is a subscription based iOS service that allows you to view 60 years of Marvel’s comics. While not everything is available yet, this app is certainly a step in the right direction. For only $9.99 (US) a month, or $60 for the year, the user gets instant access to a vast amount of Marvel’s back catalogue. These are full runs on classic events. While I only spent a brief amount of time with the app, I must say, I was impressed. First thing I did was tap to browse and found my jaw dropping as I scrolled through each issue of Brubaker’s run on Captain America. The whole thing. Even the Winter Soldier arc. Cue fan-boy squeal.


The app is still in it’s early days and is a little buggy with crashes and whatnot, but it’s what the app symbolizes that is so impressive. This is a great and affordable way for new readers to finally capitalize on the vibrant past the House of Idea’s has to offer. While not released for Android just yet (soon) non-iOS user can use Marvel Unlimited via their web browser. Have fun true believers! The future is now!

Check it out HERE!