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Game of Thrones, Ep. 4.05: “First of His Name’ brings the show’s greatest mastermind to light

“First of His Name” directly refers to Tommen, as the episode opens at his coronation. It doesn’t take long before we get a new King sitting on the Iron Throne, and judging by the conversation Cersei has with Margery, it doesn’t take long to realize one of the episode’s major themes: In “First of His Name,” the show places a focus on how several characters come to understand and accepting the roles they are required to play. “First Of His Name” brings the fourth season of Game Of Thrones to its midpoint, and leaves viewers questioning just how much power The Lannisters actually hold.

Game of Thrones, Ep. 4.04: “Oathkeeper” promises that the Stark children will soon reunite

Let’s begin in the south, where Daenerys’ army grows ever larger. Turns out catapulting broken chains over the walls of Meereen didn’t exactly spark an outright rebellion, so Grey Worm and the Unsullied go undercover, sneak into Meereen to bring the slaves an assortment of weapons to help incite an uprising. It’s great to kick things off where last week’s “Breaker of Chains” ended, but how disappointing is it that once again, we are denied any sort of intricate battle? All we get to see is three masters trapped in an alley, and a Targaryen banner perched atop a high tower, and that’s about it. In return for the 163 children that were nailed to posts along the desert path to Meereen, Dany shows no mercy, and goes against Ser Barristan’s advice to answer injustice with justice – a decision we can assume will come back and bite her in the ass.

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