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    Great Films Directed by Women Pt. 1

    Not too long ago I asked the Sound On Sight staff to choose their ten favourite films of all time. The result led to mixed reactions (both by staff and readers), and some angry feedback. But how could any of us select only ten films from the thousands we’ve seen and walk away happy with […] More

  • The 14 Very Best Vampire Films

    14- The Hunger (1983) In his feature debut, director Tony Scott casts David Bowie as centuries-old vampire John Blaylock. A clever hook to lure the MTV audience, but the real stars of his film are Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon, who play predator and prey. A Deneuve and Bowie manhunt in a disco as Bauhaus […] More

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    Naked Lunch Radio #73 – Teenage Wasteland

    listen now Click here to listen using your program of choice… Episode 73: I Was a Teenage Vampire Teenage girls everywhere are frothing at the mouth over Twilight, the Vampire teen-romance flick adapted from Stephanie Meyer’s best-selling books. Ricky and Simon are in rough terrain here, being completely outside of the film’s target audience, so […] More

  • Top 5 vampire films

    Top 5 vampire films INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE (1994) The “epic” of epic vampire films. Director Neil Jordan captures the lush decadence and erotic fervor of the novel, infusing the film with rich, dusky tones. The big budget is well used to bring each period and place to sharply detailed life, and there is no […] More