Ray Stevenson

‘Insurgent’ is a listless sci-fi soap opera

‘Insurgent’ has the emotional intensity of androids reciting an instruction manual. There’s nothing new to see here, and it’s delivered in the most listless fashion possible. Even for a sci-fi soap opera, Insurgent feels lazy and uninspired.

Rome pilot

Greatest TV Pilots: Rome, “The Stolen Eagle” – The Original Game of Thrones

We have Band of Brothers to thank for Rome. The success of that collaboration between the BBC and HBO cemented the partnership which made the show possible. It helped that the HBO bosses at the time were fans of I Claudius – the BBC produced series based on Robert Graves’ books, which established the crowd-pleasing potential of the period by leavening the dull history bits with the spectacle of John Hurt as Caligula exercising his god-fantasies by getting his sister pregnant and snacking on her unborn child.

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