Robert Schwentke

‘Insurgent’ is a listless sci-fi soap opera

‘Insurgent’ has the emotional intensity of androids reciting an instruction manual. There’s nothing new to see here, and it’s delivered in the most listless fashion possible. Even for a sci-fi soap opera, Insurgent feels lazy and uninspired.

‘R.I.P.D.’ is even less lively than its characters

It’s said that Hollywood is always trying to make the thing which was a hit last year. In the case of R.I.P.D., it simply took Universal ten years to get the movie done. The project must have been pitched shortly after the release of Peter Lenkov’s 2001 comic book with the log line “Men in Black with ghosts instead of aliens”, but it spent some time in development hell and was finally released last weekend more out of pity than hope for success.

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