NonCompliant #6 “Sabrina vs. Predator”

Katy Rex returns to NonCompliant as we discuss the new horror tinged take on Sabrina, the surprising feminist themes of Archie vs. Predator, the latest issue of female fronted Thor, and the all ages indie slice of life comic Nutmeg. Plus a couple of PSAs about the University of Mary Washington Divest arrests and Day of Silence and a very special puppy cameo.

‘Sabrina’ #1 is a Dark and Entertaining Beginning

Sabrina #1 is a prequel, spin-off of sorts stemming from the Afterlife with Archie universe. For those unfamiliar with Afterlife, it effectively proves Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s worth as not only an excellent writer but really adding a unique flavouring to very well known characters. Having Aguirre-Sacasa on the helm for Sabrina is exciting for fans of Afterlife. Though it may seem unfortunate that Francesco Francavilla is not doing the artwork, there is no need to worry because Robert Hack really brings a classical horror tinged touch (EC Comics style) to the pages of Sabrina.

New on Video: ‘Sabrina’

“Sabrina” is a classic of American cinema … an exceptional example of the assured best the studio system had to offer.

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