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    Director James Gunn’s ‘Super’ and ‘Slither’

    James Gunn began his career in filmmaking with Troma Entertainment, for whom he wrote and co-directed Tromeo and Juliet. After contributing to several other films for Troma, he wrote, produced and performed in his own superhero comedy, The Specials, directed by Craig Mazin. In 2010, Gunn returned to the world of non-comic-book-superheroes with Super. The […] More

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    ‘Slither’ is so skillfully executed, you have to admire it.

      Slither Directed by James Gunn Written by James Gunn 2006, USA Gross-out horror comedy is my guilty pleasure. Among the best are Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive, Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator, and James Gunn’s Slither. Essentially a pastiche of the zombie and alien-invasion genres, Slither features a 50’s sci-fi plot with gross-out gore making for an […] More

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    James Gunn’s ‘Super’ Gets a Cool New Poster

    James Gunn’s love for the comedy and horror genres coalesced in his humorous and brilliant debut Slither, released by Universal in 2006.  The film, which he wrote and directed, was critically hailed as one of the best horror films of the aughts.  Last year’s Toronto International Film Festival premiered his sophomoric effort Super, a dark […] More