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    Staff List: The 30 Best Films of 2013

    As with any year, some people have begun arguing that 2013 was a bad year for film, because of the expected glut of effects-heavy blockbusters that litter the multiplexes each summer, or because there was a lack of auteur-driven storytelling for the majority of the year. Though it is indeed frustrating that studios hold their […] More

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    15 Best Horror Films of 2013

    Any regular readers of Sound On Sight, or listeners of our Sordid Cinema podcast, should know that I am a huge fan of horror films. I recently published a 75 000 + word article counting down the 100 greatest horror films ever made – and every year, I whip a list of the best horror […] More

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    Status at the Half: Best Movies of 2013 So Far

    We are now officially half way through the year and so I’ve asked our staff to vote for their favourite films released thus far. Hollywood blockbusters may have disappointed us, but thankfully we can always rely on independent filmmakers to create some truly inspiring films. Rounding out the special mentions is Terrence Malick’s To The […] More

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    Stoker’ & Kickstarter-funded filmmaking

    The second film of the year to feature a South Korean director making his Western debut, Park Chan-wook’s Stoker has already divided critics and audiences sharply. In a two-part review, Ricky, Edgar and Simon try to earn royalties from the Hitchcock estate by evoking the master of suspense’s name as often as possible. Following that, a brief […] More

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    ‘Stoker’ and the reoccurring case of the disappointing third act

    Chan-wook Park’s Stoker is a Gothic fairytale, a family drama and a beautifully twisted, pitch black coming of age story, all at once. This slow-burning psychological thriller isn’t afraid to cross into uncomfortable places, often edging close to taboo territory. Park wants his audience to twitch in their seats and the master director is able […] More

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    ‘Oldboy’ is a brutal masterpiece

    Oldboy Directed by Park Chan-wook Written by Hwang Jo-yoon, Im Joon-hyeong, and Park Chan-wook 2005, South Korea  To mark the release of Stoker, Park Chan-wook’s first English language film, I watched his critically praised film Oldboy for the first time. Previous Sound On Sight reviews of Stoker point out the film’s subtle eeriness – in […] More

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    This past week: Popular articles posted on Sound On Sight

    There is so much great content published every week here at Sound On Sight, that even we have trouble keeping up. So, every Sunday, we will drop a list of the best articles delivered by our hard working, and extremely talented staff. **** Sound on Sight 400th Anniversary Recording: ‘Goodfellas’, Video Games Vs. Film and […] More

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    ‘Stoker’ is impeccably crafted, subdued and visually magnetic

    Stoker Directed by Chan-wook Park Written by Wentworth Miller and Erin Cressida Wilson 2013, USA South Korean director Park Chan-wook’s first cinematic foray with the English language is a gratifyingly morbid journey, albeit frustratingly simple in its conclusion. The man behind “The Vengeance Trilogy” (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, Lady Vengeance) doesn’t deliver the level of graphic gore or […] More

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    Highlights of the upcoming Glasgow Film Festival

    Running from February 14th to the 24th, the 2013 installment of the increasingly popular Glasgow Film Festival marks its ninth incarnation. Advertised as a festival “for the people”, GFF tends to stray from the red carpet approach and curation-heavy feel of its local(-ish) cousin, June’s Edinburgh International Film Festival, though it does have various themed […] More

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    ‘Stoker’, Park Chan-Wook’s English language debut, gets a new trailer

    While South Korean director Park Chan-Wook has been a staple in the international film community for many years now, with his 2003 feature Oldboy gaining popularity over the years, to the point that a Hollywood remake is currently in production. Chan-Wook himself, however, had yet to make the leap into english language features himself, something that […] More

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