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    The Definitive Movie Musicals: 10-1

    The end is here – if someone asked you what the most important movie musical of all time was, it would come from this portion of the list. Obviously, it’s all subjective, but it’s difficult to make a case against the influence of these films on our culture and the industry as a whole. So, […] More

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    ‘The Jungle Book’ and Racism in Disney’s Animated Features

    The release of The Jungle Book on Blu-ray today has become, as when Saving Mr. Banks was unveiled a couple months ago, an unplanned forum on a most thorny issue for the Disney uber-fan: was Walt Disney a racist/sexist/anti-Semite, and if so, was he a super-racist/sexist/anti-Semite, or just your average, garden-variety racist/sexist/anti-Semite? Even though the […] More

  • Robert Zemeckis remaking Yellow Submarine

    Variety reports: “Disney and director Robert Zemeckis are negotiating to remake Yellow Submarine, the 1968 psychedelic animated film based on the music of The Beatles… The studio has been quietly brokering a complicated rights deal that would give Zemeckis access to 16 original Beatles songs for a movie he will direct in the performance-capture 3-D […] More