Thomas Schlamme

Manhattan, Ep. 2.10, “Jupiter”

The closing moments of Manhattan’s second season finale, “Jupiter,” are simply terrifying. A blinding white light obliterates the screen and then dissipates to reveal a crackling, howling mushroom cloud licking at the sky, the bone-chilling birth announcement of an evil genie forever burst from its bottle.

The Americans, Ep. 3.04: “Dimebag” fleshes out new conflicts

Although this week’s episode of The Americans, “Dimebag,” is more of a connector hour than a climactic thrill ride, it provides some fascinating development of plots which had only been implied until now. One of the show’s strongest elements is the way in which it deals with issues prone to sensationalism with an unusual subtlety, and it demonstrates that strength notably this week through its exploration of previously under explored arcs.

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