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    Sundance 2015: ‘Dope’ is actually pretty dope

    The first image in the film is a breakdown of the various meanings and uses of the word “dope” – drugs, stupid person, and slang for something being very cool. This is a pre-cursor to the overall theme of the film, that any one label is never representative of just one thing. Each of the central characters are dealing with labels being thrown at them, and through them a running dialogue throughout the film unearths what it means to be true to yourself. Director Rich Famuyiwa’s film follows Malcolm (Shameik Moore), a high school geek in Inglewood, CA, who with his friends Diggy (Kiersey Clemons) and Jib (Tony Revolori) – who are all obsessed with 90s hip hop culture – end up with a bag of dope from a local drug dealer, and must figure out how to unload it all before things go from bad to worse. More

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    ‘Divergent’ Image Gallery

    Author Veronica Roth’s award-winning Divergent Trilogy found its movie rights being snapped up before the series reached completion. Filming of the first novel, titled Divergent, is already underway, with direction from Neil Burger, working with a script from Evan Daugherty and Vanessa Taylor. Shailene Woodley takes the lead role, joined onscreen by Zoe Kravitz, Jai […] More