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120 Essential Horror Scenes Part 8: Reversals & Reveals


It’s the moment you wait for the entire horror film. It’s not just a plot twist or a payoff but a trigger to your deepest emotions. You want to be shocked and sickened and saddened when the killer is revealed, the hero suddenly dies, or the mystery is solved. Most ...

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The Definitive Religious Movies: 30-21


What makes films about religion so interesting is the way some manage to tread a line between support and criticism, while some are vehemently anti-religion or pro-religion. When all is said and done, it’s up to the audience to decide whether or not the film (or the faith portrayed) is ...

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The Art of Witchcraft


  With the eve when the veils between worlds is at its thinnest around the corner, it’s difficult not to think of the day’s most prominently featured figure: the witch. Below is an essential viewing list, ranging in genre and targeted age group, of filmic work that showcase witches (loosely ...

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100 + Greatest Horror Movies (pt.6) 25-1


Throughout the month of October, Editor-in-Chief and resident Horror expert Ricky D, will be posting a list of what he considers the greatest horror films of all time.

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‘The Wicker Man’ boasts one of the greatest endings of all time


There is no denying that this early '70s British export criss-crosses genres as easily as it defies audience expectations; even today, for first time viewers. Robin Hardy's The Wicker Man is a film that rejects categorization; it can be considered a horror film, but also a psychological thriller, a musical, a melodrama but perhaps it is best described as a prime example of a short-lived sub-genre known as "folk horror".

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Director Robin Hardy – ‘The Wicker Man’ / ‘The Wicker Tree’

The Wicker Tree

Long after its world premiere last July at the Fantasia International film Festival here in Montreal sharply divided viewers, Robin Hardy’s long-in-the-works sorta-sequel to his famed cult classic The Wicker Man is finally making its way to theaters – nearly 40 years after the first film opened. Justine, Ricky and ...

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Video Of The Day: Robin Hardy in Conversation with Richard Stanley at the 2011 Fantasia Film Festival

Last year The 15th annual Fantasia Film Festival unleashed one of it’s biggest and best slates to date. Among its 114-film lineup were gala world premieres of Robin Hardy’s long-awaited The Wicker Tree – a film which Sound On Sight’s own Justine Smith called, “not only a great genre film, ...

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‘The Wicker Tree’ successfully reimagines Hardy’s masterpiece


The Wicker Tree Written by Robin Hardy Directed by Robin Hardy UK, 2011 Made nearly 40 years ago, Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Man has become so engrained in the public imagination that spiritual and religious beliefs have actually sprung from his creation. There is nothing redundant in his revisiting of ...

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Robin Hardy’s long awaited ‘Wicker Man’ sequel, ‘The Wicker Tree’, gets a trailer

Ever since Nicolas Cage was first heard to exclaim “not the bees!”, cinephiles have lamented the fact that Robin Hardy’s fantastic 1970s cult film (in more senses than one) The Wicker Man has been inadvertently associated with Neil LaBute’s silly remake. Hardy himself has now re-emerged with his cinematic riposte ...

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Fantasia 2011: ‘The Wicker Man’ remains vital and subversive


The Wicker Man (1973) Directed by Robin Hardy Written by Anthony Shaffer UK, 88 min. In The Wicker Man, a small island community turns to paganism as a means of coping with failing crops. Framing regression as progression, they clash with the repressed Sergeant Howie, a steadfast believer in Jesus ...

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