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Michael Bay Can’t Stop

Transformers Age of Extinction

Michael Bay – excuse me, the proper title is 2-time Criterion Collection released Michael Bay – is like the Kenny Powers of directors. He favors excess and showboating over all forms of thoughtful nuance and subtlety, he isn’t afraid to sell himself out and abandon critical respectability for money and ...

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Score At The Half – Hollywood: Zero, Audience: Even Less

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Hollywood needs a hit Actually, Hollywood needs a bunch of hits. Actually, Hollywood needs a bunch of big, fat, through-the-roof hits. And with the summer – and the year – half over, the time to come up with them is running out. The movie business finished 2010 with the second highest domestic ...

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The 2010 Razzie Awards

The 2010 Razzie Awards has been released and with no surprise Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Land Of The Lost have topped the year’s hall of shame nominations earning seven nods a piece. Looking back at 2009, our Transformers 2 review was by far the most controversial show reciting ...

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Landmark week for James Cameron

This weekend’s box office take on the soaringly popular James Cameron directed Avatar came to an “estimated $68.3 million in the States during it’s third weekend out, destroying the previous record of $45 million set by Spider-Man 3.” Astonishingly, “This weekend’s box office total of $68.3 million will be almost $30 ...

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