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    Green Arrow #27: Lemire and Sorrentino Deliver an Instant Classic

    Green Arrow #27 Writer: Jeff Lemire Art: Andrea Sorrentino Colours: Marcelo Maiolo Letters: Rob Leigh Publisher: DC Comics Purchase: Let’s pretend for a second that Jeff Lemire’s run on Green Arrow is the comic book equivalent of a ‘bullseye’. Every issue thus far has hit its mark and then some. So here we are now, […] More

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    This Week in Comics: 04/12/13

    Week after week, the shelves of local comic book stores nationwide are packed to brim with shiny new comics. Sure you’re a smart cookie and probably have tonnes of grabs already but many books do go unnoticed and its my job to make sure you are getting your moneys worth. I could ramble on for […] More

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    Five Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Solo Series

    In a world where critically acclaimed, adventurous books, like Demon Knights, Journey into Mystery, and Dial H are canceled on a seemingly daily basis to make way for new Batman, Green Lantern, or Avengers books, a lot of characters get left out. These characters could transcend the boundaries of the DC and Marvel universes and allow for different types […] More

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    Top Ten Green Arrow Artists Part 2

    After his death in Green Arrow 101, Oliver Queen is replaced as Green Arrow by his son Connor Hawke. The series lasted for 37 more issues before being cancelled in 1998. Connor Hawke also became a temporary member of the Justice League of America in Grant Morrison’s run on JLA even taking out the supervillain The Key with his […] More

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    Green Arrow #17 Hits it’s Mark

    Green Arrow (2011) #17 Writer: Jeff Lemire Artist: Andrea Sorrentino Published by DC Comics “Sometimes a man doesn’t know what he really has until he’s lost it all.” It’s not very often that an adaptation outshines its source material, let alone a television show, but this is the predicament that DC found itself in. Arrow […] More

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    Comic Book Starter’s Guide

    Comic books are like wine, there is a bottle out there for everyone. The comic book medium has been around for over seventy years and is home to some of the most original and ground-breaking stories the world has ever seen. But knowing where to start is daunting, and jumping in blind can have some […] More