Ben Kingsley

‘The Boxtrolls’ packs lots of heart, laughs

The Boxtrolls is a delightful animated gem that has enough frenetic action to entertain the kids and plenty of subversive humor to keep the adults chuckling. It’s the perfect way to spend a day with your rambunctious little brother, and probably far less destructive. The stop-motion design is gorgeous, with loads of tiny details for the curious eye. If Big Hero 6 is a bit too saccharine for your palate, this makes a suitably-twisted alternative.

‘Ender’s Game’ a suitably entertaining, if very condensed, young-adult adaptation

Condensing a popular young adult book to its most basic and necessary parts is an unenviable task. No matter how passionate the filmmakers are to the original text, someone’s bound to be disappointed. No film adaptation can satisfy every fan; it doesn’t matter how hard you try. Take out one character or rewrite them to be minimal, and you’re doomed.

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