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    Best of the Week: Video Games and Comics

    Does length matter? (In a game, that is) Okay, stop sniggering. We’re better than that. I was, of course, referring to the recent brouhaha surrounding PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 and its relatively short running time. For the uninitiated, mere days before the game launched to collective sighs around the globe, rumours hit the web […] More

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    ‘HaloGen’ #1: God Is Dead

    HaloGen #1 Written by Josh Tierney Art by Afu Chan Colors by Shelly Chen Published by BOOM! Studios/Archaia Well, A god is dead, anyways. That’s what HaloGen #1 establishes in its opening page: a withered, sprawling space god, Det’Houva, floating in the nothingness of space, scavengers (of a sort) hauling it away. Immediately, we’re introduced to a cult, learn of […] More

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    Escape from New York #2 is 2 Steps Forward, One Step Back

    Escape from New York #2 Writer: Christopher Sebela Art: Diego Barreto Colours: Marissa Louise Letters: Ed Dukeshire Editor: Ian Brill Publisher: BOOM! Studios Purchase: With the success of Big Trouble in Little China and Robocop, the future 80’s revival at BOOM! continues with Escape from New York. Debuting last month, Snake is back with a […] More

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    Bravest Warriors #25 Develops Catbug as a Character

    Bravest Warriors #25 Written by Kate Leth Art by Ian McGinty Colors by Lisa Moore Published by BOOM! In Bravest Warriors #25, Kate Leth and Ian McGinty take a break from their ongoing storyline to add depth to Catbug’s mythos and introduce a new character, Bugcat. Bugcat is a palette swapped version of Catbug, who has his mischievousness, but lacks his cute charm and […] More

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    ‘Hellraiser: Bestiary’ #2 features the best and the worst stories of the series yet

    Hellraiser: Bestiary #2 Written by Various Art by Various Published by BOOM! The anthology series Hellraiser: Bestiary continues with the second issue, which features the best and the worst stories of the two issues yet. It also continues a tale from issue one, which remains a very interesting tale unlike anything seen in Clive Barker’s hellish universe. The […] More

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    Sirens #1 is Imaginative and Sometimes Overindulgent

    Sirens #1 Written and drawn by George Perez Colors by Leonardo Paciarotti Published by BOOM! Studios One of my favorite things about George Perez as an artist other than the consistent quality of his lines is his ability to draw group shots where all the characters have a unique face, body shape, and usually costume. This is why he was the king […] More

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    Baltimore Comic Con 2014: Interview with Marguerite Bennett

    At Baltimore Comic Con, I got the opportunity to chat with up and coming comics writer Marguerite Bennett about her projects past, present, and future for companies including Marvel, DC, and BOOM! We also discussed her mentor Scott Snyder (Batman, The Wake), Batman: The Animated Series, and her time at the University of Mary Washington, which happens […] More

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    ‘Hellraiser: Bestiary’ #1 Review

    The universe of Clive Barker’s Hellraiser is a rich and dark one and it is ripe to have writers come in and explore in a multitude of gruesome ways. That is the goal of BOOM!’s new Hellraiser: Bestiary mini-series. This first issue of the six-part anthology is a bit of a mixed bag, as is […] More

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    ‘Hexed’ #1 doesn’t work as a #1

    Hexed #1 Story by Michael Alan Nelson Art by Dan Mora Color by Gabriel Cassata Letters by Ed Dukeshire Cover by Emma Rios, Dan Mora Publisher: Boom! Studios It’s hard to put on finger on what works and doesn’t work in Michael Alan Nelson and Dan Mora’s first issue of their new series Hexed. It is a follow up to Nelson […] More

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    BOOM!’s ‘Robocop’ #1 and #2 are the best ‘Robocop’ sequels we’ve ever gotten

    As everyone knows, Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop is a science fiction classic, but after two terrible sequels and a middle-of-the-road reboot, the character hasn’t had much success outside the initial film. Thankfully things may be changing with BOOM! Studios’ new ongoing Robocop series by writer Joshua Williamson and artist Carlos Magno. Taking place directly after the […] More

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