Interview: Justin Jordan and his BOOM! Studios Comics

An old, shady NSA agent creeps in on a young, adventurous and curious woman one night, asking her if she wants to help keep the biggest conspiracies in the world a secret. Elsewhere, a man who hasn’t slept in a decade recruits an ex-cop to solve a psychedelic murder mystery.

Justin Jordan. Taken from his Twitter.
Justin Jordan. Taken from his Twitter.

These universes can be found in Deep State and John Flood, two BOOM! Studios-published comics from Pennsylvania-based writer Justin Jordan, with respective art from Ariela Kristantina and Jorge Coelho.


‘Die Hard: Year One’ Volume 1 has wasted potential

Die Hard: Year One is an eight issue miniseries published by BOOM! Studios in 2009-2010. Made up of two volumes of four issues each, the series begins with John McClane as a rookie beat cop learning the ropes and following orders from his superiors.

Where does a dream begin and end? ‘Translucid #2’

More and more, Translucid is reminding me of Adventure Time. If that doesn’t get you to start reading this comic, I don’t know what will. The comic can abruptly shift between the familiar “real” world and the more fantastical world of the hero, and the writers appear very comfortable in moving from the more innocent moments of childhood to darkness. This issue twists our understanding of the story, leaving very little room to trust what the writers of this comic are showing us. Still, what we can see is some of the backstory for the young boy as well as Horse and Navigator.

I Dream of Heroes: ‘Translucid #1’

Translucid #1 is like one of those captivating dreams whose import is obvious to you but you struggle to explain to other people. It’s beautiful in parts, strange in others, and disturbing in brief stretches. Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert At its core, the book is about a basic idea: the relationship between a superhero and a supervillain. Yet it’s also about codependency, our childhood dreams, and what gives a hero motivation to do what he does.

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