‘Destiny: House of Wolves’ some bite, some bark

Back in December, Bungie took players to the moon and back with Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below. Now, in the game’s second expansion, House of Wolves, its time to head to The Reef, the home of an alien species (the Awoken) built into an asteroid belt beyond the rest of civilization. Building off of the story of the base game, the Awoken queen is betrayed by another alien species, the Fallen, whom she previously sheltered, and calls upon the guardians (players) to help her exact justice. Thus begins the House of Wolves brief tour through space.

Is ‘Destiny: The Dark Below’ above, or below, expectations?

For almost three weeks guardians have been hazarding “The Dark Below” in Destiny’s long-awaited first expansion (some might find the term “expansion” misleading, as it does not expand the map or playable areas much). Three new areas have been opened up to players, two beneath the Earth and one beneath the Moon, on two of the three newly added story missions and on the strike. The rest of the expansion, with the exception of the raid, will take you to the same places your journey as a guardian has already taken you. With several new hurdles to overcome, a series of new bounties, new weapons and gear to unlock and upgrade, and new objectives called “quests,” the DLC actually does freshen up Destiny quite a bit, almost in spite of itself.

Best Video Games of 2014 (Pt.3)

Due to its propensity for conflict, war has long been a popular backdrop for video games but never has it been seen like this. Filled with humanity, sorrow, and honesty, Valiant Hearts: The Great War uses the true history of World War I to weave together the stories of its protagonists (ranging from a German soldier, to a French POW, to a Belgian combat nurse). The gorgeous graphics, evolving gameplay, and original design only serve to make the experience offered here more enticing. Thoroughly moving and steeped with loss, Valiant Hearts is not a game you will soon forget.

‘Destiny’ – One Month Later

It has been over a month since the release of Destiny and much has changed since Bungie’s latest released. Several events have come and gone, particular weapons have risen to fame and faded into oblivion, and the Crucible has been tailored and balanced several times over. Now seems as ideal a time as ever to reevaluate the new title from the developers of Halo.

A Week with ‘Destiny’

Unless you were living under a rock last week, you took note of the highly anticipated release of Destiny, the MMO-styled first person shooter from Halo developer, Bungie. As of now, reviews of the game have drawn a partisan divide between two camps of players who have come to see the game in very different lights. Unlike an actual review, this article will focus more on the qualities that I noticed within my own experience without gauging the overall quality of the title.

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