‘Dead Space’ borrows heavily but remains frightfully effective

EA’s sci-fi horror doesn’t so much wear its influences on its sleeve, but rather takes them to a tailor and makes them into a three-piece suit. Its protagonist, for instance, is named Isaac Clarke – an eye-rolling, brow-beating reference to two of science fiction’s heavyweight authors, and its premise is, essentially, Event Horizon. But despite all this, it all works really rather well.

‘Mass Effect 3’ delivers an epic and emotional experience

The beginning of Mass Effect 3 sets the stage for what is to come. The opening sequence of Earth under assault by the terrifying Reapers shows the odds that Shepard and the rest of civilization are up against. The attack plays out like a futuristic shock and awe campaign, with skyscraper sized Reapers striding among the buildings of Vancouver. The Reapers make short work of Earth’s defenses, and Shepard is forced to flee. As the Normandy flies into the darkness, the realization comes that things will get much worse before they get better.

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