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  • Vanishing Point 1971

    Better than Fast and Furious: ‘Vanishing Point’

    Belonging to countless late-sixties, early-Seventies American counterculture road films, Vanishing Point quickly became a cult classic of the car-movie genre. Richard Sarafian directed this minimalist chase film, starring Barry Newman as Kowalski, an ex-marine, ex-race car driver and ex-cop behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger – who must deliver the automobile from Colorado to San Francisco in less than 15 hours. More

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    Better than Fast and Furious: ‘Dirty Mary Crazy Larry’ takes a rightful place in the pantheon of great racing movies

    A good percentage of the best American chase films were released in the decade that brought us a new wave of rebellious, edgy filmmakers who put muscle cars in the spotlight, and directed realistic, fast-paced action sequences highlighted by the incredible stunt work from Hollywood daredevils. Cutting right to the chase, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry is high on extreme stunts and crazy car crashes, created in a time when CGI didn’t exist. Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry remains the ultimate expression of the genre: the stunts are extreme, the humor is dark humor, and the cars are straight up awesome. More

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    ‘Fast and the Furious’ Infographic!

    I still scratch my head every time I remember that the Fast and the Furious film series consists of six films, and all were a box office smash.With the sixth and final instalment recently released, an infographic was created, which gives you all the need to know info on the franchise, from the revenue, Profits, […] More