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Fast & Furious To Stay Furious For ‘At Least Three’ More Films

Fast & Furious To Stay Furious For ‘At Least Three’ More Films

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious 6

Has anyone else noticed that in just about every Fast and Furious movie, the main characters always call this “their last ride?” Well from now on, we know that this phrase is a boldfaced lie.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the Fast and Furious franchise is looking to keep going with at least three more films added to the series (for a grand total of ten movies). During a roundtable with Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley, she spoke about the future of the franchise and what may be happening in the coming years.

“We think there’s at least three more. Paul [Walker] is, and always will be, an integral part of the story. But there are many other great characters, and it’s also an opportunity to introduce new characters. I think it’s still a growing franchise. We’ll see what happens with Furious 7, obviously, but our box office has grown over the past three or four films and internationally, in particular. So we think that there’s more to mine there. But we’re of course very mindful about fatigue.”

This is true as the franchise has been rejuvenated with massive box office returns for both Fast Five and Fast and Furious 6. Even with the death of the late Paul Walker, it seems like Universal is able to still crank out stories within this universe.

It shouldn’t be hard as outside of Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, the cast isn’t incredibly busy with other projects and seems ultimately down to join any other “last ride” in the works. There is also the ability to dive into other characters, much like they did in Tokyo Drift, and expand the franchise to new heights.

So what can we expect from the titles of the other three movies? Hopefully a 22 Jump Street like scenario. Nine Fast Nine Furious: Nazis Invade? Fast and Furious: Crazy Eight with Charlie Sheen? FasTEN Up, More Furious? I could do this all day.