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‘Cyborg’ #8 pits Victor Stone versus Animals and the Government

The life of Victor Stone has hit its stride. Between recent personal reveals concerning his family, fighting crime with Shazam, and using comedy to get through even the most dangerous situations…everything is looking up for Cyborg. Of course, all that means it will come crashing down rather quickly, sooner or later.

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‘Cyborg’ #5-B is for Booyah!

Cyborg #5 Written by David Walker Pencils by Felipe Watanabe and Daniel HDR Layouts by Ivan Reis Inks by Albert Oclair, Júlio Ferreira, Andy Owens, and Juan Castro Colors by Adriano Lucas and Pete Pantanzis Lettered by Rob Leigh Publisher: DC Comics The Techno Apocalypse is well underway in the penultimate issue of Cyborg’s first …

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‘Cyborg’ #4- Let The Techno-Revolution Sing

The dark times continue in David Walker’s fourth issue of Cyborg with a multiverse sized bombshell that involves Victor, Sarah, and all of S.T.A.R Labs. The issue acts like a breather for everything that’s happened to our cast thus far, and it works to a certain degree. Ivan Reis works his magic on the layouts, and the colors we’ve grown accustomed to from Adriano Lucas and Pete Pantanzis are present. With Felipe Watanabe on pencils, readers are treated to Ivan Reis level art that is more stoic and works for this more dialogue heavy issue. Readers get a clearer, more defined idea of just how exactly the Tekbreakers and Technosapiens fit into the grand scheme of things in this corner of the DCU. It’s a move that may or may not reference Grant Morrison’s Multiversity and the recent Convergence event.

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‘Superior Iron Man’ #7: the suit makes the man

After taking out fellow San Franciscan hero Daredevil and putting would-be villain Teen Abomination at his side, the superior Tony Stark is close to unstoppable. There’s only one person with the gumption to take him back from the fold and that’s Pepper Potts. Her ultimate weapon is Tony’s own contingency plan a Mark II Iron Man armor with the mind of an eight years younger Stark. It’s a battle of the wills between the superior and inferior.

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