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Cyborg #6- Techno Changes

Cyborg #6- Techno Changes


Cyborg #6
Written by David Walker
Pencils by Felipe Watanabe, Daniel HDR, and Cliff Richards
Layouts by Ivan Reis
Inks by Albert Oclair, Júlio Ferreira, and Cliff Richards
Colors by Adriano Lucas and Pete Pantanzis
Lettered by Travis Lanham
Publisher: DC Comics

The end to Cyborg‘s first arc is here and while the ending may wrap up just tightly enough that you could call this comic overall a mini-series everything changes, and David Walker leaves just enough for fans for an emotional payoff and give a glimpse at a new future for Victor Stone.

The cover itself is a foreshadowing for what’s to come. It’s the end all be all fight between Cyborg and company versus the Technosapiens, and given everything we know about the infectious alien species, it works! Felipe Watanabe and Daniel HDR are joined by Cliff Richards to show us what’s it like behind enemy lines for a short lived technologically induced journey into a operating system. The sequence is the brightest the issue gets, is visually striking and builds up the greatly rendered proverbial nail in the coffin that hits at the climax of the issue. It’s taken time, but the art team of this issue in particular has hit their stride and everything clicks…from the Metal Men to the Alternate Earth Sarah, and the newly upgraded Cyborg.

At the heart of the title and the issue, it’s about acceptance, and one of the themes is finding how to be comfortable in your skin despite how the world perceives you. Over the course of six issues, we’ve seen how Cyborg views himself, and how the larger world views a man in the machine. Through this arc and his entire New 52 presence,Victor has evolved his outward appearance to fit the needs of the many, and over time he’s gotten comfortable with it despite people still not understanding how being part machine effects his psyche and relationships.

During the aftermath of the invasion, Cyborg reconnects with his supporting cast and everything ends nicely for the Detroit based Titan given all that’s happened. More or less, everyone we’ve seen gets an ending of sorts including Sebastian and the Metal Men, who will hopefully be waiting in the wings for the next great adventure. We end the issue with a brave new upgraded world for Victor Stone who has a new secret that definitely plays on the themes of the earlier issues and is a fitting end for Cyborg and the arc. Going forward, the future is bright for Victor and company given the slam dunk of an art team all working together to finish out the arc on a strong note, and with David Walker giving a fresh thoughtful voice to Cyborg, the next arc should be one to behold.