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‘Cyborg’ #4- Let The Techno-Revolution Sing

The dark times continue in David Walker’s fourth issue of Cyborg with a multiverse sized bombshell that involves Victor, Sarah, and all of S.T.A.R Labs. The issue acts like a breather for everything that’s happened to our cast thus far, and it works to a certain degree. Ivan Reis works his magic on the layouts, and the colors we’ve grown accustomed to from Adriano Lucas and Pete Pantanzis are present. With Felipe Watanabe on pencils, readers are treated to Ivan Reis level art that is more stoic and works for this more dialogue heavy issue. Readers get a clearer, more defined idea of just how exactly the Tekbreakers and Technosapiens fit into the grand scheme of things in this corner of the DCU. It’s a move that may or may not reference Grant Morrison’s Multiversity and the recent Convergence event.

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‘Cyborg’ #2- Mr. Human

Through David Walker and Ivan Reis’ work on Cyborg #2, one can see how the pull of two worlds can be a blessing and a curse to Victor, and it shines bright in moments like these. Showing your body modifications to your cat and Cyborg’s facial expressions when “working” in the lab show a type of maturity to the issue. Victor Stone isn’t the angry son we saw him last issue, he isn’t the isolated computer we thought he was in Justice League. He’s a full on three dimensional character that is making Detroit his own fully realized corner of the DCU with the city becoming a hub of illegal black market machinery, and aliens infiltrating homes to steal technology that will sing them the song of perfection just like this second issue.

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‘Cyborg’ #1- The Man and the Machine

In August 2011, DC Comics changed everything with their line wide reboot dubbed “The New 52”. This reboot started with Justice League #1 and exploded with 51 other titles in September to get things rolling. In the first month of the New 52, every member of the Justice League received their own solo title with the exception: Cyborg. Fast forward four years later, and that issue is rectified with Victor Stone getting his own title written by David Walker and art by Ivan Reis.

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Best Comics of 2015 (So Far) Part 1

2015 has been quite the eclectic year for comics, and this fact is reflected in our top ten list. Image Comics continues to be the true house of ideas with books ranging from a feminist twist on exploitation films to a murder mystery set in 1940s Hollywood and even a LGBTQ-friendly parody of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Even though they are in the middle of big events (Convergence and Secret Wars), DC and Marvel respectively still have room for offbeat takes on their iconic or not so iconic characters and are represented on this list along with Valiant, which has attracted a veritable Murderer’s Row of creator to shape and develop their shared universe.

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‘The Multiversity’ #1 is an insane love letter to the passionate superhero fan

STORY BY Grant Morrison ART & COVER BY Ivan Reis, Joe Prado COLORS BY Nei Ruffino PUBLISHER DC Comics This one is a lot to take in. Literally years in the making, Grant Morrison’s The Multiversity has finally landed and it is as every bit strange, surreal, fun, and ambitious as you’d expect from the …

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Justice League #23 is a Fittingly Epic Conclusion to Trinity War

Writer: Geoff Johns Penciller: Ivan Reis Inkers: Joe Prado, Oclair Albert, Eber Ferreira Colorist: Rod Reis Publisher: DC Comics This was a hard comic to review because of the spoilers leaked by DC about their upcoming Forever Evil miniseries. However, despite a little bit of the ending being ruined, Justice League #23 ties together all the loose ends of …

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Justice League #22 is a Summer Action Extragavanza with a Bit of a Brain Too

Justice League 22 Writer: Geoff Johns Penciler: Ivan Reis Inkers: Oclair Albert, Joe Prado Colors: Rod Reis Publisher: DC Comics Justice League #22 could never be done as a film. It is the first chapter of DC’s first true “epic” in the New 52 filled with exotic locations, intense action sequences, and heroes crossing the line. …

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