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‘Cyborg’ #2- Mr. Human

‘Cyborg’ #2- Mr. Human


Cyborg #2
Written by David Walker
Pencils by Ivan Reis
Inks by Joe Prado
Colors by Adriano Lucas
Published by DC Comics

Cyborg #2 picks up immediately with the aftermath of the disastrous battle that the Tekbreakers retreated from. Readers are left to wonder just where in the DC Universe they set up shop, but our brief catch up with what’s left of the Strike Team tells us some interesting details. If you remember the 8-Page preview for the title, Cyborg and the Justice League were attacked by the very same team of Tekbreakers and wound up “killing” Victor in battle for “Technology Purposes.” An ally of the Team, a blonde women (with some very Deus Ex glasses) in a hovering chair a la Professor Xavier scolds them for killing their only hope and dooming another universe lest the Technosapiens get their hands on the technology they hold. Ivan Reis and the rest of the art team give us a great looking skeleton of a body that’s reminiscent of Cyborg’s early look.

It’s here in this issue we get swept into a leaping Victor jumping into battle with the very enemy that’s coming for him. The colors wpid-1_15-1.jpgfrom Adriano Lucas are in full play here as the blue hues of Cyborg’s armor spark with crystal clear accuracy, and the reds combine greatly with his war ready face. The entire scene plays out with a narration from him that gives insight how the outside world views him along with his ties to the Justice League. It sets up the rest of the issue nicely with questions you just might ask the man in the machine. Battling the Technosapiens is revealed to be his equivalent to a dream, and readers see Victor as we’ve never seen him. He wakes up in his actual old household, talks to his cat Smokey, and complains about the lack of coffee in the house. It’s great to see Cyborg break away from his Justice League ties and S.T.A.R Labs and do some relatively normal things for a little while.

In a surprising turn, we pick back up with the old Eyepatch Man that yelled about the citizens and the lack of technology S.T.A.R Labs helps them get from last issue. Bobby is his name, and he has a meeting to attend. After a shave that makes him look 10 years younger, he goes to a back door shop to get his arm and eye augmented to better capacity. In other events, Cy and Smokey are sitting on the steps outside when he begins to flex his “muscles” per se and sees that his new upgraded tech works miles ahead of his old system. He exclaims the occasion with absolute glee and joy and in the process does a reference that warmed my heart to full capacity. The panel is pretty obvious, and this is a great emotional payoff.

Through David Walker and Ivan Reis’ work on Cyborg #2, one can see how the pull of two worlds can be a blessing and a curse to Victor, and it shines bright in moments like these. Showing your body modifications to your cat and Cyborg’s facial expressions when “working” in the lab show a type of maturity to the issue. Victor Stone isn’t the angry son we saw him last issue, he isn’t the isolated computer we thought he was in Justice League. He’s a full on three dimensional character that is making Detroit his own fully realized corner of the DCU with the city becoming a hub of illegal black market machinery, and aliens infiltrating homes to steal technology that will sing them the song of perfection just like this second issue.