Jim Jarmusch

Mesmerizing ‘Song from the Forest’ follows one man’s quest for harmony

From harmony comes peace. Michael Obert’s luminous documentary, Song from the Forest, is a celebration of one man’s harmony that resonates from the heart of the jungle. At the same time, there’s an undeniable melancholy lacing every frame. The result is a deceptively complicated film that captures the inscrutable beauty of finding one’s place in the world and the economic realities of preserving it.

Burroughs The Movie 1983

GFF 2015: ‘Burroughs: The Movie’ is a reverent portrait of a controversial literary giant

Howard Brookner’s extraordinary portrait of William S. Burroughs was all but lost following its original release in 1983. Now recovered and restored, it offers an intimate insight into the life and work of one of America’s most celebrated and controversial writers. Covering his time spent in New York, Tangier, London and Mexico, from “full out junkie” to literary giant, the documentary is notable for its experimental style and unprecedented access to Burroughs, as well as interviews with his Beat Generation contemporaries, including Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, Herbert Huncke and Bryon Gysin.

TIFF 2013: ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ an empty promise

How many times have you heard the coming of a new take on vampires in cinema? And how many times have you heard that call sounded with the participation of Tilda Swinton, Tom Hiddleston and John Hurt, with direction from Jim Jarmusch?

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