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    25 Best Horror Films of 2014 (Part 2)

    This list is in alphabetical order. Only Lovers Left Alive (voted by Rick) Only Lovers Left Alive, the latest film from cult indie director Jim Jarmusch, stars Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton as Adam and Eve, two century old vampires. Adam is an underground musician with a dedicated cult following. In his past time, he […] More

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    ‘V/H/S: Viral’: Same problems, but also similar thrills

    When the first film in this series was released 2 years ago, it came as a much-needed breath of fresh air for the found-footage subgenre, a subgenre that had tired itself out by the time even Paranormal Activity 2 came out. What stood out the most about it was that none of the filmmakers involved were trying to fool you into thinking that any of it was real, while studio made found footage films still marketed themselves as “this is real footage”. Rather than try to pull a trick you wouldn’t fall for, they just had fun with the format and sought to break down the limitations of it. V/H/S 2 doubled down on the scope and ambition and was an exhilarating anthology to witness. Does the whole endeavor begin to feel tired at this point? Yeah, but then again most film series tend to feel that way their third time at bat. More

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    LFF 2014: ‘Spring’ is a horror rom-com with horns on

    Following their mildly acclaimed 2012 effort Resolution, directing duo Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead further establish themselves as some of the most promising gruesome genre mechanics to be observed – if from a safe and secure distance. In their new film Spring they turn their gaze to a beloved titan of the macabre, channeling an eternal struggle of the ancient ones that H.P Lovecraft would enjoy, with creatures most cryptic dwelling among an unsuspecting population. More

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    TIFF 14: ‘Spring’ is a flawed but vibrant romantic-horror film

    Spring can most easily be described as a romantic-horror: a monster movie with a heart set mostly in a small tourist destination in Italy. After the death of his mother, Evan(Lou Taylor Pucci) loses his job and gets himself in a fight that causes him to be pursued by police. With nothing left in California, he hops on the first available flight, which brings him to Italy. This adventure leads him to meeting the beautiful and mysterious Louise (Nadia Hilker). More

  • Shrew's Nest 2014

    TIFF 14: ‘Shrew’s Nest’ and ‘Spring’ tackle the complex nature of femininity and love, in their own twisted ways

    Over the years, TIFF’s Midnight Madness programme has lost some of its grit. Once upon a time, a film as bodacious as Shrew’s Nest would have graced its lineup. Now, the Vanguard programme seems to have stepped up to take its place. Where Madness highlights trendier, more easily digestible content, Vanguard takes on the more obscure. Sexy, gritty, dirty, and horrific, Vanguard’s content is far more outlandish than its older, now slightly more restrained, cousin. Odd when you consider both programmes are curated by the jovial horror fanatic Colin Geddes. More

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    Moorhead and Benson continue to prove they are the coolest filmmakers with this amazing promo for TIFF entry ‘Spring’

    If you don’t know who Justin Benson and Aaron Scott Moorhead are, pay attention. The pair of filmmakers directed one of our favourite films back in 2012: With Resolution, Benson and Moorhead weren’t working on a large scale, but they achieved more than most filmmakers, working with substantially less. Resolution is truly a unique film […] More

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    15 Best Horror Movies of 2013 (Top 10)

    Special Mention: Sightseers Directed by Ben Wheatley Written by Steve Oram and Alice Lowe UK, 2012 This bloody, satirical road trip comedy is by no means as great as Terrence Mallick’s Badlands, but it is truly unique, strange, disquieting, and uncomfortably funny. Ben Wheatley is one of the most exciting genre filmmakers working in the […] More

  • Film Podcast

    Horror Films of 2013: Sordid Cinema Podcast #58

    After a considerable gap, Sordid Cinema is back with a triple feature of recent genre fare, from the beloved to the…less beloved. First up is our long-belated take on Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s little indie that could, Resolution, which subverts the cabin-in-the-woods horror flick on roughly one fiftieth the budget of, er, The Cabin in the […] More

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    2013, Best Movies of January: ‘West Of Memphis’ leads the pack

    #1: West of Memphis Directed by Amy Berg Written by Billy McMillin and Amy Berg 2012, USA Following from the original Paradise Lost film and its two sequels, West of Memphis follows the events of one of the most media-covered American crime stories of the last two decades: The West Memphis Three, a case in which three teenagers (Jessie […] More

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