Mel Gibson

‘The Road Warrior’ rules the road of vehicle-centric cinema

The Road Warrior, as it shall be referred to for the remainder of the present article, wonderfully expands on the universe created by George Miller and company two years prior in the initial entry in the series. Aided by a greater budget and a bigger crew, the director offers viewers a brilliantly harsh, violent, vast region in which every decision made by a character can make the difference between life and death.

‘Mad Max’ is the beginning of the end of the world

It has been written and said countless of times before, therefore there is little point in avoiding the obvious. George Miller’s 1979 surprise hit Mad Max not only provided a new subgenre of thriller, the post-apocalyptic thriller, a stunning shot in the arm, it also helped pave the way to stardom for its lead actor, Mel Gibson.

No Country for Old Men Who Kick Ass

What proved the saving grace to the careers of these action stars – and also a way to turn the self-caricature, normally a loss, into a win – ended up getting bigger than just any one of them. It gave them a moment of relevance to get some action films of theirs made, but it won’t last long.

Battlefield Surgery – Three Wounded War Movies

Much like what it portrays, with the war movie there is always a thin line between success and failure. There will always be those that fail to hit the target when victory was so surely within reach. Intention is undermined by incompetence.

‘Tequila Sunrise’ is a sexy, luscious trip down memory lane of great 1980s filmmaking

Tequila Sunrise is a product of an era when studios gave opportunities to filmmakers to make intelligent and entertaining adult movies. Law enforcement, drug dealing, romance and ‘bromance’ but without contemporary’s cinema’s reliance on epic scale or pedestrian attempts at grit. Robert Towne’s film is sexy but not gratuitously so. It is smart but not head scratch inducing. It is adult but actually fun but in a mature kind of way. In essence, it is noir but in living colour.

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