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    Jill Thompson: Jack and Master of All Trades

    Artist/writer Jill Thompson has one of the most idiosyncratic bodies of work in contemporary comics ranging from important arcs on legendary comics series The Sandman and The Invisibles to more traditional superhero work like a run on Wonder Woman as well her own creator owned comic/children’s book/film series Scary Godmother. She has drawn everything from dying stripper gods to Romantic poets, Batman to Bart Simpson and even an all animal cast in her Eisner winning Dark Horse series Beasts of Burden with writer Evan Dorkin. She is also one of the few creators not named Neil Gaiman allowed to write The Endless in her Li’l Endless stories. More

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    The Best Challenged or Banned Comics

    As some of you may know, the American Library Association has chosen to focus on banned comic books for this year’s Banned Books Week. For those of you who are unaware, Banned Books Week is a celebration of the freedom to read. The week-long celebration was first set up by the American Library Association in […] More

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    TIFF 2014: ‘Luna’ is a dark and surreal exploration of grief

    While Mirrormask has become something of a cult movie, Dave McKean is still better known for his work in illustration than his directorial efforts in film. McKean’s groundbreaking style consistently raised the bar in comic art; his contribution to the 1989 release of Arkham Asylum, written by Grant Morrison, helped change our understanding of the artform. McKean’s style seemed uniquely suited to the mind space of an asylum, his layered mixed media style reflective of thoughts and emotions in conflict. Perhaps his best known work is his contributions to the cover art for Neil Gaiman’s iconic Sandman series, once again cementing the phantasmagoric quality of McKean’s work. His collaboration with Gaiman highlighted the obscured landscape of nightmares which he frightfully recreated through superimposition, collage and drawing. More

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    ‘Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?’ is a good ending for Batman

    After Bruce Wayne’s death in Final Crisis, DC Comics gave legendary comics creator and novelist Neil Gaiman the chance to pen one “last” Batman story in the vein of Alan Moore’s What Happened to the Man of Tomorrow, which was the last Superman story before Crisis on Infinite Earths. Equal parts love letter and thesis statement, Gaiman and artist Andy Kubert open the comic showing the usual Gotham City skyline, but with the names of important Batman creators, like Bill Finger and Jim Aparo in the background. More

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    The Sandman Overture #2 is a Mindblowing Masterpiece

    The Sandman Overture #2 Written by Neil Gaiman Art by J.H. Williams Colors by Dave Stewart Published by Vertigo Comics Five months after the previous issue came out, Dream of the Endless returns to comics yet again and begins possibly his biggest journey yet courtesy of Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams. Williams continues to show his mastery […] More

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    Karen Berger: The Architect of Vertigo, Among Other Things

    Even though she was never a writer or artist, Karen Berger is one of the most influential people in comics. She has won three Eisner Awards for Best Editor and singlehandedly created the Vertigo imprint for DC Comics while recruiting some of comics’ greatest talents to work for DC (Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman). […] More

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    Neil Gaiman and J.H. Williams III Show Us How To Dream Again in The Sandman: Overture #1

    The Sandman: Overture #1 Writer: Neil Gaiman Artist: J.H. Williams III Colorist: Dave Stewart Letterer: Todd Klein The art on The Sandman was always one of its biggest strengths and potentially greatest weaknesses. As an early book that treated artists as interchangeable parts, the book succeeded on how well the artist for an issue or […] More

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    Sandman #6 “24 Hours” Brings the Aristotle’s Unities to Comics with Grisly Results

    Sandman #6 Writer: Neil Gaiman Penciler: Mike Dringenberg Inker: Malcolm Jones Colorist: Daniel Vozzo Publisher: Vertigo The early issues of Neil Gaiman’s magnum opus Sandman are very different in tone than his later stories which deal with Morpheus’ attempts at change and the struggle between a family of very powerful anthropomorphic entities. The first arc of Sandman “Preludes […] More

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    Vertigo’s Comeback and Neil Gaiman’s Return to Sandman

    The last couple years have been quiet for Vertigo, the DC imprint for mature-comics that published many of the most influential, renowned, and strangest comics of the 1990s: “The Sandman”, “Swamp Thing”, “Animal Man”, “Hellblazer”, “The Invisibles”, “Doom Patrol”, “Preacher”, and “Shade, the Changing Man”, among others. For many years Vertigo was the place-to-be for […] More

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    Doctor Who Podcast Episode 46: ‘Nightmare in Silver’

      After his first and much beloved 2011 episode, “The Doctor’s Wife”, writer Neil Gaiman’s return to Doctor Who has been much anticipated. Inspired by challenge from Steven Moffat himself to make the Cybermen “scary again”, his latest opus titled “Nightmare in Silver” faced nearly impossible expectations amongst Whovians. So, did “Silver” shine? This week […] More

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    Doctor Who Ep. 7.13, “Nightmare in Silver”: Disappointing ep showcases Smith but lets down most everyone else

    Doctor Who, Series 7, Episode 13: “Nightmare in Silver” Written by Neil Gaiman Directed by Stephen Woolfenden Airs Saturdays at 9pm (ET) on BBC America This week, on Doctor Who: We meet Locutus of Doctor, Porridge has good taste in Queens, and the Cyberiad is back en masse Life-long Whovian Neil Gaiman made a big […] More

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