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    New on Video – ‘Sunrise’

    ‘Sunrise,’ from 1927, is one of the greatest of all films. It is a touching, beautiful, and artistically accomplished movie, one of the best ever made, and unlike anything to come out of the studio system.’ More

  • Film4 Frightfest

    Film4 Frightfest Preview

    This bank holiday weekend, Empire Leicester Square is once again haunted by the annual Film4 Frightfest. Five days, three screens and a few dozen premieres, debuts, sequels and rereleases – there should be plenty to keep horror aficionados safe from the holiday sunshine. It all kicks off with Thursday night’s premiere of The Dead 2: […] More

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    Hey Montreal! Le Cinéclub Film Society presents an event not to be missed

    On Friday October 5th Le Cinéclub: The Film Society (C/FS), is presenting a spectacular screening-concert of Nosferatu (1922) in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the (un)death of Bram Stoker, creator of ‘’Dracula’’. C/FS has brought in two musicians from Montreal band ‘’Sweet Mother Logic’’ to accompany the great silent German horror film on piano, […] More

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    It Began In Germany: the origins of horror

    Horror has had a rough year in 2011, both in cinemas and on our DVD shelves. As late into the year as October (the month in which horror is god) the only effective genre films have been those that merged together horror with comedy (Attack the Block and Tucker & Dale versus Evil for instance). […] More

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    A Fight for Horror Supremacy: Week 2

    It is the second week of the contest, and this is traditionally when we first start feeling a little horror burnout. This year was no exception, but I managed to trudge through it and watch 13 films, and some were even good. The week started on a high note with Lucio Fulci’s City of The […] More

  • Top 5 vampire films

    Top 5 vampire films INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE (1994) The “epic” of epic vampire films. Director Neil Jordan captures the lush decadence and erotic fervor of the novel, infusing the film with rich, dusky tones. The big budget is well used to bring each period and place to sharply detailed life, and there is no […] More