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‘Secret Identities” #4 throws a wrench in everyone’s plans

Secret Identities #4 takes a break from the super heroics to focus on the interactions between team members, as well as the complexities of families, to emphasize the best-laid plans of mice and men and superheroes, can often go awry. Only time will tell if Vesuvius can move past Ciniza’s betray, and, more importantly, if Crosswind can get out of his sticky situation.

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‘Secret Identities’ #1 highlights flawed heroes

Secret Identities #1 Story by Jay Faerber & Brian Jones Art by Ilias Kyriazis Colors by Charlie Kirchoff Published by Image Comics The idea of a mole infiltrating a superhero team is nothing new, but watching things unfold from the mole’s point of view is refreshing. Secret Identities #1 introduces readers to an established team …

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