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‘Secret Identities’ #1 highlights flawed heroes

‘Secret Identities’ #1 highlights flawed heroes

SecretIdentities_01_300_462Secret Identities #1

Story by Jay Faerber & Brian Jones

Art by Ilias Kyriazis

Colors by Charlie Kirchoff

Published by Image Comics

The idea of a mole infiltrating a superhero team is nothing new, but watching things unfold from the mole’s point of view is refreshing.

Secret Identities #1 introduces readers to an established team of heroes known as Front Line. The team is diverse, balanced, and flawed. For example, although Front Line claims they look after their own readers see how Diamond Jim is neglected after the loss of his legs. Flaws such as this provide a myriad of secrets for our young mole to dig up.

So who will readers be learning about? There are seven seasoned members on the team roster:

  • Luminary, the daughter of the president of the United States and leader of Front Line whose origin is kept
    under wraps.
  • Gaijin, an alien creature raised by mobsters.
  • Helot, a cybernetic fugitive on the run from a shadowy cult.
  • Punchline, a Canadian comedian who lacks a funny bone when on stage.
  • Recluse, a cursed urban vigilante with a collection of criminals in his basement.
  • Vesuvius, an ancient warrior who was found on a dig in Pompeii.
  • Rundown, a speedster who uses his super speed to lead multiple lives.


SecretIdentities 3That brings us to Crosswind, a bright new hero who conveniently assists to Front Line whenever they are in a pinch often enough that the team decide to offer him membership.

One last key player is Inspector Ray Fournier, Toronto Police. He is responsible for organizing the entire scheme to plant Crosswind into Front Line. The beauty of Secret Identities is that although we know who is planning to destroy Front Line from the inside, motivation has yet to be established.

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Given that there is such a large cast of characters, the trick is going to be connecting with Crosswind and empathizing with his cause. It’s hard to back someone with a murderous streak unless you know where there coming from.

Secret Identities is off to a good start. Strong writing, an intriguing plot, and a striking art style have will pique readers’ curiosity. Let’s just hope Crosswind doesn’t blow his cover before  some juicy secrets are revealed.