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    ‘Annabelle’ conjures very few scares

    A word of advice: If your significant other loves creepy dolls… run! And you should always avoid letting a murder doll babysit your newborn child. Sadly, these aren’t the stupidest things you will see in Annabelle, the prequel to last year’s wildly successful, The Conjuring. Inhabited by bland characters being terrorized by a bland demon, Annabelle blandly goes where all supernatural horror movies have gone before. You can count the number of original ‘scares’ on one finger. Which finger you choose is entirely up to your discretion. More

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    Trailer: ‘The Conjuring’ spinoff ‘Annabelle’

    Last year’s The Conjuring, directed by James Wan, was a massive success, both critically and commercially. Of course it’s no surprise that after grossing over $300 million worldwide that Warner Brothers has quickly turned The Conjuring into a franchise with a spin-off film, Annabelle, directed by Conjuring’s cinematographer John R. Leonetti and James Wan producing. With the new official trailer for […] More

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    15 Best Horror Films of 2013 (Top 5)

    Special Mention: Post Tenebras Lux Written and directed by Carlos Reygadas Mexico, 2012 Mexican director Carlos Reygadas (Japón, Silent Light) seems inches away from producing his masterpiece. His latest, Post Tenebras Lux (the title is a Latin phrase meaning “after darkness, light”), opens with two of the most unforgettable, ominous images in recent memory. The first is a […] More

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    ‘The Conjuring’ and Fantasia Film Fest 2013 – Sordid Cinema Podcast #62

    Long live James Wan: the undisputed box-office king of mainstream horror (Insidious, Saw, Dead Silence) is only accelerating, with the critical and commercial success of The Conjuring presaging his insidious sequel later this year. The film also graced the early days of the Fantasia Film Festival, where it was joined by reams of other like-minded genre outings from all […] More

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    5 Movies That Should Cross-Over With ‘The Conjuring’

    Warning: following contains mild spoilers for The Conjuring and plenty of other horror movies. Anyone who saw the most recent horror flick The Conjuring, which came out today, was undoubtedly thinking the same thing I was: “This is good and creepy and all that fun stuff, but what if this were to run up against another […] More

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    ‘The Conjuring’ a relentlessly scary, exhausting haunted-house experience

    A door slowly creaks open, nudged from its closed position by a slight gust of wind. The wooden structure of an old farmhouse settles at inopportune moments, expanding and retracting minutely with unexpected knocks echoing through its halls. A shadow crosses through the moonlight that shines onto a bedroom floor, nestling itself just underneath the mattress, waiting to leap out and terrorize the bed’s resident, a helpless child. More

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    Watch a New Clever and Creepy Trailer for ‘The Conjuring’

    Despite a few flops, director James Wan can easily be labeled a master of the horror genre, directing such hits as Saw and Insidious. His latest pic, The Conjuring, has been garnering some very positively buzz, and promises to be his best film yet. A new trailer has been released that cleverly interweaves interview snippets […] More

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    James Wan To Direct Another Haunted House Film

      James Wan, widely known for directing the horror film Saw, creating Billy the puppet and helming last year’s surprise hit Insidious, has signed on to direct another home haunting in The Conjuring. It makes sense considering Insidious received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, and grossed over $75 million against a budget of […] More