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    ‘Antiviral’ an icky if slightly too unbelievable new body-horror film

    There is, one imagines, a breaking point with exactly how infatuated any of us will be with the modern celebrity. We fawn over them in tabloid magazines, keep tabs on their romantic lives, and get angry when they make choices we disagree with, but how far are we willing to go? Would any of us actually want to be infected with a virus or disease simply because a celebrity got it first? More

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    Looking at Dinosaurs: ‘Jurassic Park’ and Its Powerful Hold on a Generation

    Jurassic Park, like many of Spielberg’s best films, allows us to be children again, even if this is, ironically, a film most kids would be scared to death by. It’s a movie that indulges in horror-movie tropes while making them feel fresh, layering a patina of intelligence over the intense, earth-rattling action. Though the human-dinosaur face-offs are the stuff of movie legend, the early sections where Drs. Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, and Ellie Sattler debate the ethics of a theme park full of the living, breathing extinct are strangely fascinating and entertaining, at least to 28-year old me. More

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    TADFF 2012: ‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’ an unfeeling digest of interesting ideas, references, and aesthetics

    A Fantastic Fear of Everything Directed by Crispian Mills and Chris Hopewell Written by Crispian Mills UK, 2012 A Fantastic Fear of Everything is a film that Wes Anderson would make if he didn’t give a flying sausage about storytelling. It has many of his auteur signatures (a twee pop-art sensibility, creative and meticulous set […] More

  • Best Horror Movie Remakes and Sequels

    Ok, so that may be slightly misleading, but I had to get your attention. The truth is that remakes and sequels, horror or otherwise, tend towards merely being insipidly contrived shadows of their predecessors; retreading formulas with less impact or merely upping the genre staples whilst degrading the narrative, acting, and soul. But every once […] More

  • David Cronenberg will direct The Fly again

    David Cronenberg is in talks to develop a reboot of the 1986 classic The Fly, writing and potentially directing the remake. The project would represent a chance for Cronenberg to return to a film that helped establish his career, with the technology needed to tackle the effects which wasn’t possible in the 80’s. Strangely Cronenberg  […] More

  • Top 5 Horror movie remakes

    5 – The Ring (2002) Considering I didn’t find the original scary, it’s impressive that I was thoroughly creeped out by the nearly shot-for-shot remake. There is always something a little more interesting in the exploration of the unknown, so if your senses have been dulled by the formulaic slasher film, then its quieter take […] More