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    100 Essential Action Scenes: Attacks!

    Sound on Sight undertook a massive project, compiling ranked lists of the most influential, unforgettable, and exciting action scenes in all of cinema. There were hundreds of nominees spread across ten different categories and a multi-week voting process from 11 of our writers. The results: 100 essential set pieces, sequences, and scenes from blockbusters to […] More

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    ‘Fantastic Four’ #642 is a mixed bag

    Fantastic Four #642 Written by James Robinson Pencilled by Leonard Kirk Inked by Karl Kesel Colored by Jesus Aburtov Published by Marvel Comics Fantastic Four #642 does some things very well, like depicting action scenes, actually doing something with the much maligned Heroes Reborn Universe, or having a couple third act plot twists. However, most of the story is rooted […] More

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    Childhood Film Fascinations That Became All-Time Favorites

    In celebration of Sound on Sight’s 7th anniversary, writers were asked to come up with articles that present their childhood favorites in the realm of films, TV shows, books or games. I chose films and anyone who has any familiarity with my writing knows I am virtually incapable of writing an article about a single […] More

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    From Masked Madmen to Benevolent Alien Clones: The Impressive Range of Cult Film Director John Carpenter

    John Carpenter has produced an impressive body of work as a composer, director, producer, editor, and occasionally as a scriptwriter. He was a lifelong fan of science fiction novels, horror comic books, and classic westerns, he has managed to integrate thematic elements of all of these things into his work. Even though he’s experienced financial […] More

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    Human vs. Alien Films: The Must-Sees

    Humankind’s collision with otherworldly life forms can make for unforgettable cinema. This article will highlight the best of live-action human vs. alien films.  The creatures may be from other planets or may be non-demonic entities from other dimensions. Excluded from consideration were giant monster films as the diakaiju genre would make a great subject for […] More

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    The Monster As Hero

    Monsters are a symbol of man’s fears, used by story tellers all over the world and in every medium. Monsters represent the dangers we face as a species both real (predators and nature) and speculative ( the supernatural). We have a biological imperative, a survival instinct to fear that which is inhuman. The most frequent […] More

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    Alien Invasion Month: ‘The Thing’

    The Thing Directed by John Carpenter Written by Bill Lancaster 1982, USA There’s a primal fear in isolation. We seem to know, instinctively, that we rely on other people for survival, and that there is safety in numbers. Many horror films play on this fear of being alone to great effect, situating characters in a […] More

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    Mondo’s Incredible New Prints for ‘The thing,’ ‘Son of Frankenstein,’ and ‘White Zombie’

    Tomorrow Mondo will be selling three prints, previously sold at this year’s Texas Frightmare Weekend: The Thing by Randy Ortiz, Son of Frankenstein by Rich Kelly, and White Zombie by Ghoulish Gary Pullin. Follow them on twitter for the on sale announcement. These posters will be available online at a random time on Thursday, May […] More

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    100 Greatest Horror Movies (pt.5): 50-26

    Throughout the month of October, Editor-in-Chief and resident Horror expert Ricky D, will be posting a list of his favorite Horror films of all time. The list will be posted in six parts. Click here to see every entry. As with all lists, this is personal and nobody will agree with every choice – and […] More

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    Move over, ‘Total Recall’: 10 more remakes you’ll want to avoid

    Whether you measure your movies by box office, reviews, or popular appeal, Sony’s $125 million remake of the 1990 Ah-nuld Schwarzenegger interplanetary action fest Total Recall looks like a strike-out.  The movie opened with a lethal softness; a $25.7 million first weekend meaning Recall won’t even come close to making back its budget during its […] More

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