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    ‘This Is Not A Film’

    The film ends with Panahi taking his cues from another amateur, a fill-in custodian for his building. Panahi rides down the elevator with the young man while he collects trash, listening to him talk about his studies, which were interrupted by time in jail. When they reach the ground level, Panahi follows the young man to the gate, and on the street we can see a bonfire celebrating the New Year. “Don’t follow me out, or they’ll see you filming,” the young man says. That visibility would be a bridge too far. More

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    NYFF 2011: The Sound On Sight Staff Picks Their Favourite Films

      Kenneth Broadway A Separation Directed by Asghar Farhadi A Separation is one of the most intellectually stimulating pieces of entertainment I have experienced in a long time. It piles layers upon layers of intrigue, social commentary, ethical dilemmas, gender politics, and more. A tremendous amount of thought obviously went into the making of A […] More

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    NYFF2011: Look Out For These Films

    TIFF might be closing in on the bend, but the New York Film Festival is ready to pick up the baton. Beginning September 30 to October 16th, the Film Society at the Lincoln Center will be holding their 49th annual festival, and sure enough Sound On Sight will be there. Be on the look out […] More