In Defense of ‘Tomorrowland’

It hadn’t been 2 weeks since its release when Brad Bird’s new film Tomorrowland had been dubbed a “failure” by the very studio that released it. In those two weeks the film was beaten at the box office by the sequel to a movie where glee club girls slid around in vomit, was projected unable to make back its reported 190 million dollar budget and became Disney’s convenient scapegoat for scrapping production on “Tron 3” – which caused internet trolls to take a break from complaining about Tron: Legacy and the abundance of sequels and remakes to complain that they won’t get to see “Tron 3”.

Most Anticipated Blockbusters of 2015 (That Aren’t Already Hyped to Death)

Most of the most anticipated movies of the year, quite frankly, don’t need any more hype than they already have. You’re probably reading this very article nestled in your Avengers: Age of Ultron officially silenced snuggy (“there are no loose threads on meeee…”) or standing in the obsidian-dark shadow of a three-story Jurassic World banner ad. So in the name of shedding more light on those 2015 cinematic hopefuls that don’t have marketing budgets so well funded that they could stage a coup in a small Latin-American country, we’re taking a look at some of 2015’s lesser-hyped blockbusters.

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