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‘Doom’: The doom of the Rock’s action career and video game adaptations in general

In 2013, The Rock was named the highest grossing actor of the year with his films pulling in a combined $1.3 billion. Things were not always this great for The Rock though. When he first started out his initial run of action movies in search of action stardom, he didn’t have much luck. The Rundown and Walking Tall, while perfectly fine action films on their own, both underperformed at the box office. Then came Doom, which was either going to be his third strike or his home run. It ended up being the former, causing two things to happen – The Rock’s action career disintegrated for 6 more years, and the belief that video game adaptations are unsuccessful was bolstered.

‘Mario Maker’ thrives on your creativity

Now that the shine of E3 has worn off, we can finally look back on all of the conferences with a level head. Who am I kidding? I’m way too excited about Mario Maker to analyze the gameplay for Nintendo’s conference fairly. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m actually prepared to buy a Nintendo Wii U now.

‘Catherine’ serves as a Freudian relationship test

It’s interesting to consider how for many of us, games have been growing up with us. Atlus’ Catherine serves as a prime example of this phenomenon. Having been developed by a team who grew and matured as games themselves did the same, it simultaneously reaches much of the gaming audience as they confront the very issues addressed within it.

Viewing the West as an Outsider in ‘Red Dead Redemption’

I’ve got to be honest, I’m a sucker for westerns. The lone cowboy and his trusty horse roaming the open and untamed land is admittedly romantic, but I also find it incredibly thrilling. A time filled with endless possibilities and complex stories that go beyond the good guy/bad guy dynamic. After all, the good guys don’t always have to wear white.

‘Okami’, the novel of games

Okami is one of the most beautiful games to watch come to life on screen. Some might find the computer generated voices and large amounts of reading off putting. However, as someone who has practically grown up inside a book, Okami is simply an animated novel that I am able to interact with.

‘Silent Hill 2’ molds a clever and disturbing narrative

The first Silent Hill game introduced us to a very different version of the survival horror genre we had come to know. Before its release, it was only the jump scares and twitch action of the Resident Evil series that most players were really familiar with. Silent Hill would come to shake up that formula dramatically.

Games That Changed Everything: ‘Metal Gear Solid’

Stealth as a video game genre was a pretty hard sell in the 90’s. In a time period when the medium was barely outgrowing its infancy, the idea of giving the player less action instead of more seemed ludicrous.

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