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Games That Changed Everything: ‘Metal Gear Solid’

Games That Changed Everything: ‘Metal Gear Solid’


Metal Gear Solid

Stealth as a video game genre was a pretty hard sell in the 90’s. In a time period when the medium was barely outgrowing its infancy, the idea of giving the player less action instead of more seemed ludicrous.

Hideo Kojima had already introduced the idea in his first two Metal Gear titles on the NES but the concept didn’t really take off until the technology was available to take it into the third dimension.

New memory and graphical capabilities allowed Konami and Kojima to effectively create an entirely new genre with the release of a single title: Metal Gear Solid.

MGS became the progenitor for the entire idea of avoiding conflict rather than engaging it. It has since been dubbed “stealth gameplay” and has been introduced into everything from RPGs to action games to platformers to first person shooters.

Today, the stealth genre has infiltrated just about every other category of gaming there is, and the credit owed to Metal Gear Solid is gargantuan in that regard.

Now, in a time where gaming is freely allowed to explore itself more freely in such new and exciting ways, it’s easy to forget that the very building blocks for such revolutionary ideas were once a huge challenge in and of themselves.

Such was the case with Metal Gear Solid; a trailblazer for the growth of the medium and a true game-changer if ever there was one.