10 Creepy, Weird Gifts Fans Have Given Celebrities

When you idolize someone, a great way to show your adoration is through gift-giving, right? Well some celebrity fans agree, but they take things too far. Celebs don’t always receive normal gifts from adoring fans – they sometimes receive gifts that would make you cringe.

1. Taylor Swift – Turtle Shell

Taylor Swift has a knack for making the celebrity world seem somewhat normal, but one gift from an adoring fan was decidedly not so. This past Christmas, Swift opened a package to find a turtle shell with her own face painted on it.

2. Harry Styles – Sanitary Napkin

Most people would give a boyfriend a customized t-shirt or a watch. These gifts are personal and show you care, but aren’t so personal that they’re awkward. But some people take a much more intimate route. For Harry Styles, that meant receiving a sanitary napkin with his name written on it in Sharpie.

3. Anna Kendrick – Stalker Relationship Letter

One fan somehow got Anna’s home address and sent her some snail mail. There’s nothing strange about receiving a letter from a fan unless it’s an exorbitantly long epistle detailing why the stranger and Anna Kendrick should be in a relationship. The letter also came with a pair of diamond earrings. “I was just like, these have to go into the trash,” she reported.
“I can’t. I cannot. I cannot wear them. I can’t give them to someone. It’s too weird.”

4. Jared Leto – Human Ear

Another incredibly creepy gift went to Jared Leto in the form of a human ear. It came attached with a note that said, “Are you listening?” What’s even weirder is that Jared kept the ear. He dried it out, drilled a hole in it, and made a necklace. It’s hard to tell what’s stranger about this situation.

5. Daniel Radcliffe – A Photograph of His House

Apparently, Radcliffe’s followers just wanted to prove that they had been to his house. “I … got sent a photograph of a milk bottle and a door,” he said. “It was my house! There were two people in front of it. There was only a door between us.” That’s something that would make it hard to sleep at night.

6. Halle Berry – Diamond Engagement Ring

Most people try to get to know someone before they propose, but one fan must have felt like watching Halle Berry’s movies on repeat for hours on end was enough. He sent her a diamond engagement ring with an attached marriage proposal letter.

7. Jonas Brothers – A Dead Shark

One adoring admirer brought “Shark Week” to a whole new level when they sent the Jonas Brothers a dead shark. “It wasn’t a real big shark though,” Nick Jonas made sure to point out. “It was only a baby shark but they’d preserved it in this tube for us. That was odd.” Meanwhile, Kevin Jonas is still trying to figure out where you can buy a dead shark to send to your celebrity crush.

8. Dolly Parton – A Baby

A dead shark is weird, a human ear is disgusting, but a baby? That’s downright disturbing. In the 1970s, Dolly Parton opened her front gate one morning to find a baby lying in a box. It came with a name tag that read Jolene, undoubtedly after her famous song. Naturally, Dolly handed the child over to the Department of Health and Human Services to find her a good home.

9. Emma Watson – Bibles

It seems that the “satanic” nature of the Harry Potter saga made a few fans fear for Emma Watson’s soul. During the decade she spent starring in the Potter films, she received a whole slough of bibles from concerned fans. “Finding our ‘Harry Potter’ films un-Christian, people think I need to be guided and send me The Bible. I now have a collection of 20,” she said during an interview.

10. Ariana Grande – 42.5 LB Pumpkin

One fan must have felt that Ariana Grande deserved a gift as large and heavy as her voice, because he sent her a ginormous pumpkin. This came from a stalker named Tom Normandin, who also sent her cat and dog calendars, a 3-piece mirror set from K-mart, and a variety of other strange presents. It got so out of hand that Grande involved the polic, who ordered Normandin to stop sending gifts or be faced with harassment charges.

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