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23 TV Shows Similar to The Lincoln Lawyer (TV Show)

23 TV Shows Similar to The Lincoln Lawyer (TV Show)

There is a compelling argument as to why The Lincoln Lawyer rose to the top spot on Netflix’s list of films for the week of May 16-22. It’s difficult to think about anything else, particularly after the compelling season finale, so the fascinating narrative of Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) and his dependable Lincoln continues to grip the attention of fans everywhere. However, there are several other great shows that you can watch to get the same feeling you got after watching the Lincoln Lawyer series.

If you’re still looking for some TV shows that are similar to Lincoln Lawyer, below is a list of legal dramas that are similar to The Lincoln Lawyer series and are definitely worth your time.

1. Goliath

A movie cover of Goliath with Billy McBride.

Goliath, which also stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, is probably your best chance when it comes to thematic similarities and artistic similarities to The Lincoln Lawyer when compared to other programs. In it, a lawyer who has fallen on hard times finds himself thrust back into action with a high-profile case just as he is attempting to navigate the tricky waters of his relationship with his former wife and daughter.

In this original legal drama produced by Amazon Prime Video, Billy Bob Thornton plays the role of Billy McBride, a jaded attorney who is determined to make the most of his second opportunity. His character, like so many other attorneys, is attempting to achieve atonement, despite the fact that he is up against a judicial system that has become more corrupt over time. In addition, David E. Kelley is responsible for the creation of this masterpiece, much as he was with The Lincoln Lawyer.

2. Terriers

Terriers Season 1

Terriers is a program that has been grossly underappreciated, and it was discontinued after a single season that was fantastic. Although it is not a legal drama, there are some similarities between it and The Lincoln Lawyer, the most notable of which is that both tell the narrative of outsiders who come up with creative solutions to aid those who are having problems with the law. A former law enforcement officer and his longtime friend decide to start their own private investigative firm, but since they do not have licenses, they are always in danger of having their business closed down.

3. The Practice

The Practice Season 1

Shows like “The Lincoln Lawyer” have two attorneys arguing in court, as does “The Practice.” David E. Kelly had a deep interest in legal dramas such as L.A. Law, Ally McBeal, and Boston Legal even before he created The Lincoln Lawyer. The latter was a spinoff of The Lincoln Lawyer: The Practice, which was one of his greatest series and a terrific show overall.

The show, which aired on ABC from 1997 to 2004, recounts the intricacies of a Boston legal office. Each season focuses on a different group of attorneys and a different set of cases and has sharp writing and outstanding performances from all of the cast members.

4. Perry Mason

Perry Mason movie cover.

Matthew Rhys plays the title role in Perry Mason on HBO, which is based on the character that was developed by Erle Stanley Gardner and the legendary television series that ran under the same name from 1957 through 1966. Perry Mason, a defense attorney who is still striving to recover from the psychological effects of serving in World War I and enduring the Great Depression, decides to take on a high-profile abduction case in the year 1932. This puts him and the people he cares about in jeopardy.

There are few television attorneys who are more well-known than Perry Mason, who became a cultural icon as a result of the late Raymond Burr’s depiction of him on TV. This one is darker and grittier than the one that came before it. For instance, the main character is a guy who has experienced terrible things in the past and is now working hard to put his life back together. Overall, it’s definitely worth checking out.

5. The Good Wife

The Good Wife, Season 1

The current program The Good Wife, which is similar to The Lincoln Lawyer, follows the story of a lawyer who returns to practice after taking some time off from the field. 

As a result of a controversy involving her husband’s involvement in sexual misconduct and political corruption, Alicia Florrick is forced to take responsibility for the care of her family. After a hiatus of many years, Alicia decides to resume her career as a lawyer in order to demonstrate that she has not lost any of her legal prowess despite the humiliation and anguish she experienced as a result of the public scandal in that her family was involved in.

6. The Good Fight

The Good Fight, Season 1

The Good Fight, which is a spin-off of The Good Wife, has rapidly become one of Paramount+’s most popular and critically acclaimed shows. It also manages to be a dramatic courtroom drama in its own right because of its all-star ensemble, which includes Christine Baranski and Audra McDonald, as well as the emotional topics it explores.

In spite of the fact that its legal accouterments will make it a great choice for fans of The Lincoln Lawyer, it succeeds in doing more than simply giving the typical thrills that one would expect from a legal series. It can deal with a significant number of today’s most serious social and cultural problems in a way that raises awareness without being too sanctimonious.

7. How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away With Murder Season 1

How to Get Away with Murder is one of those shows that are similar to The Lincoln Lawyer. Annalise Keating, played by Academy Award winner Viola Davis, is a brilliant criminal defense attorney and law professor in the ABC series “How to Get Away with Murder.” She chooses a small number of her most talented and intelligent students to assist with challenging cases in her law office.

This provides the students with real-world experience in a competitive atmosphere where the stakes are very high. This strategy is featured in the popular legal drama show, which is one of the few occasions where we get to see award-winning actress Viola Davis do something that she seems to have been born to do; address the jury like a pro!

Shonda Rhimes, who serves as showrunner, has been instrumental in the production of several critically acclaimed television programs. How to Get Away with Murder is unquestionably one of her greatest works because of the exaggerated melodrama and the stunning performances it features, most notably that of Viola Davis in the role of Annalise Keating.

Its concentration on Keating, a lawyer who is far more complex than she looks at first sight and who eventually becomes something of a series staple, will also appeal to viewers of The Lincoln Lawyer because of both the show’s emphasis on the law and the character of Keating.

8. Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul, Season 6

This predecessor to Breaking Bad is one of the greatest programs on Netflix that are similar to The Lincoln Lawyer, and you can still watch it on the popular streaming service. Before making an appearance as a shady lawyer for meth kingpin Walter White, Saul Goodman was a low-level attorney who advocated for people with modest incomes and tried to be a positive force in his community. The television series Better Call Saul traces his rise to prominence and the connections he forms with recognizable characters such as the fixer Mike Ehrmantraut, a former police officer who is now employed as a private investigator. 

The sixth season is also available to watch on AMC Plus as well as the regular AMC channel. There is no doubt that Bob Odenkirk continues to dazzle as the main character, a truly fine guy who finds himself increasingly embroiled in a very hazardous environment. Better Call Saul has a quirky quality that differentiates it from its predecessor, much like The Lincoln Lawyer did.

9. Suits

Suits Season 1

The television show Suits provides a glimpse into the inner workings of prominent corporate law practice on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. When a new lawyer begins working at their firm, the other attorneys immediately begin to compete with one another for dominance. In the process, they reveal long-buried secrets and reignite long-standing rivalries.

Even though it’s a legal drama, Suits is far funnier than The Lincoln Lawyer. The program does not, however, shirk its fundamental task of providing good drama both in the courtroom and among the legal experts themselves. This obligation is not neglected by the show. Therefore, fans of The Lincoln Lawyer will continue to enjoy and be satisfied with Suits since it has sufficient procedural elements.

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10. Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna (Music From The Netflix Series)

There is no need to explore any further if con artists are your thing. Under the guise of Anna Delvey, Anna Sorokin, a real-life socialite, and con artist stole millions of dollars from New York City’s hotels and elite while using the name Anna Delvey. The tale is not portrayed from a legal point of view; rather, it follows a journalist who is attempting to produce a feature article on Sorokin’s antics.

Despite this, it provides the same degree of tension as any excellent courtroom drama and is sure to grab your attention. Quick side note; Delvey is not one to waste time, as seen by the fact that even after her short jail sting, she is out here presenting ridiculous art events and conning even more unsuspecting socialites out of their no-so-hard-earned dollars.

11. Juvenile Justice

Black and white movie cover of Juvenile Justice.

This outstanding Korean drama has the same amount of legalese and nail-biting tension offered by The Lincoln Lawyer. The protagonist of the program is a judge named Shim Eun-Seok. Despite her distaste for children, she is given the position of presiding over a Seoul district’s juvenile court. The compelling and thought-provoking drama offers an intriguing glimpse inside the South Korean juvenile justice system which is rare indeed.

12. Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds, Season 1

Criminal Minds is a show that is well worth seeing since it has become a classic in the genre of legal dramas. The program focuses on an elite team of FBI criminal profilers as they investigate the minds of dangerous criminals. The use of behavioral analysis is one of the methods they collaborate on to solve some of the most bizarre instances. A word of caution: once you start, you won’t be able to stop. It’s that addictive! 

13. American Crime Story

American Crime Story Season 1

The American Crime Story television series is nothing short of a masterpiece, even though it has just three seasons and each one focuses on a different high-profile criminal incident. Every season focuses on a different criminal case that rocked the country, for example, the trial of O.J. Simpson, the killing of Gianni Versace, and the Clinton-Lewinsky controversy, to name but a few.

14. Signal

Signal movie cover.

It is not difficult to see why this Korean drama was included on our list of the top Korean dramas available on Netflix. It is captivating in every way. The plot of the program centers on a gang of detectives who, with the use of a walkie-talkie that allows them to communicate with a detective from the past, attempt to reopen unresolved cold cases.

The most fascinating aspect, on the other hand, is that the cases mentioned in the program are all real-life cold cases in South Korea. This gives the show a unique blend of true crime and science fiction, which makes it very engaging.

15. Seven Seconds

7 Seconds

The events that unfold in this crime thriller on Netflix follow the aftermath of a hit-and-run that included a white police officer who was driving and a black youngster who was a pedestrian. As a result of the event, the police department makes an effort to cover it up, which results in a contentious trial in which the prosecution tries to classify it as a hate crime. It’s a must-watch.

16. Unbelievable

Unbelievable (Movie Tie-In): The Story of Two Detectives' Relentless Search for the Truth

This upcoming limited series on Netflix is inspired by a real-life event as well as an essay that won the Pulitzer Prize. It tells the narrative of a young person who, after reporting that they were raped, is accused of lying about it. The investigation is then carried out by two different female investigators.

17. Anatomy of a Scandal

Anatomy Of A Scandal

Showrunner David E. Kelley is the creator of a number of popular television programs, one of which is The Lincoln Lawyer. However, what most people don’t know is that he was also the creative genius behind Anatomy of a Scandal, which is another one of the legal dramas that Netflix is now broadcasting.

As a British lawyer is given the responsibility of prosecuting the guy who raped her many years ago, the series provides a startling glimpse into the way that a sexual assault may profoundly alter the trajectory of a person’s life. It is a series filled with stunning performances, notably from Michelle Dockery, who portrays Kate Woodcroft, the lawyer in the story.

18. Damages

Damages Season 1

Damages is a suspenseful and tense legal drama that has been hailed as one of the greatest in recent times. Patty Hewes, portrayed by Glenn Close, is a bright and ruthless lawyer. Each season’s high-profile case shapes her potential protégé, teaching her how to succeed in the ruthless world of New York City’s elite legal firms and how to navigate the inevitable moral ambiguities that arise whenever she’s on the case.

Damages is another show that devotes a significant portion of its running time to introducing the viewer to the character of Patty Hewes, played by Glenn Close. Even if she is not always the most pleasant or sympathetic character she is frequently cruel – but her ruthlessness is what makes tthe program as a whole, so compelling to watch again and over again.

19. The Flight Attendant

The Flight Attendant: The Complete First Season

Even though it is a relatively new streaming service, HBO Max has already produced numerous excellent programs, with “The Flight Attendant” being one of the most noteworthy of these shows. It has a pulpy feel, similar to that of The Lincoln Lawyer. It follows the protagonist, Cassie, as she tries to deal with the myriad misfortunes that seem to follow her about.

Although its primary draw is the suspense it provides, fans of The Lincoln Lawyer will find that this show has a lot to offer as well, because it focuses a lot of important topics, especially in season 2, including Cassie’s attempts to get sober.

20. The Matlock

Matlock Season 1

The Lincoln Lawyer is a story about a lawyer who runs his practice from the trunk of his vehicle, as the name of the book indicates. Indeed, it is exactly this offbeat quality that endears viewers to the show in the first place. Even though the main character of the television series Matlock does not run his business out of the trunk of a vehicle like the rest of the characters in the show, he nonetheless has a certain offbeat charisma that is uniquely his.

The series is very much a product of its period, with a style that is firmly set in the 1980s and 1990s; but, it is also one of those shows that continues to be immensely enjoyable even now.

21. Rake

Rake Season 1

Australia’s Rake was a comedy-drama series that starred Richard Roxburgh as the outspoken and eccentric defense attorney Cleaver Greene. The show aired for five seasons. The persona was inspired by two real-life attorneys who worked in Sydney.

In comparison to Haller, who shines as a lovable character in The Lincoln Lawyer, fans like finding reasons to dislike Greene. However, both of these people are very skilled in their respective fields. The stress in the courtroom is alleviated by several humorous and engaging scenes in Rake that include Australian humor. The series has a cast that is just as good as the show itself, and the chemistry between the cast members is off the charts.

22. The Practice

The Practice Season 1

The Practice, another series developed by David E. Kelley and was on the air for a total of eight seasons. The show delves into the inner workings of a Boston legal office, primarily focusing on the lawyers working under Bobby Donnell (Dylan McDermott), the company’s founder as well as a senior defense attorney.

The idea of this drama was quite similar to that of the show The Lincoln Lawyer, in that both shows investigate the ethical grounds for criminal defense lawyers and the lengths to which they would go to defend their clients. Thanks to the amazing script and superb acting, fans will feel as if they have been enveloped in the courtroom and also have directly watched history being created.

23. Murder, She Wrote

Murder, She Wrote - The Complete First Season

Those who are intrigued by the offbeat nature of The Lincoln Lawyer will likely find a lot to like in the long-running mystery series Murder, She Wrote as well. The series stars Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher, a former schoolteacher who becomes a writer and, in the end, becomes an amateur sleuth. 

It is all that one might desire out of a cozy detective series and, more specifically, it stars Angela Lansbury. However, under its supposedly upbeat style, there is exceptionally frequently a darker undertone, and the series doesn’t shy away from discussing extremely significant subjects and concerns. It’ll definitely be a hit among law students.