A New Start for Cable and X-Force with Issue #6

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Cover by: Salvador Larroca/Frank O'Armata
Cover by: Salvador Larroca/Frank D’Armata

Cable and X-Force #6
Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artist: Salvador Larroca
Colorist: Frank D’Armata
Cover: Salvador Larroca/Frank D’Armata
Publisher: Marvel

Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin aka Colossus is in search of a way to make amends for the atrocities that he participated in as one of the Phoenix Five in last year’s event, Avengers vs. X-Men.  In Cable and X-Force #6, the audience finds out that the noble Piotr has turned himself in to the authorities.  The introduction reads:

Laying low in Mexico, Colossus took a break from his guilt over being one of the Phoenix Five to spend a night with Domino, and then turned himself over to the authorities.  Meanwhile, Cable had a new vision, and convinced the remainder of his team, Domino, Forge, and Dr. Nemesis, to join him on a spaceship heist.

While Cable and X-Force is already six issues into their story, it appears that issue #6 is beginning a new story arc, and with a spaceship involved, it looks like Cable and his team are headed to space in the coming issues.  Along with setting up the upcoming issues, there are a few cameos in this issue: the other half of the “Fastball Special”, Wolverine, the ever-so-loveable, Kitty Pryde, and the dynamite Boom-Boom.  Needless to say, Dennis Hopeless and team are embarking on a new direction for this ragtag team of mutants.

Issue #6 of Cable and X-Force is definitely like reading a #1 issue of a comic: it sets up the readers for a new adventure without divulging too much information.  Dennis Hopeless strongly writes Colossus as the gentle giant everyone knows he is and this month’s issue does a decent job of showing that.  The readers get a sense of how guilty Piotr feels after what he had contributed as a part of Cyclops’ egomaniacal reign as the leader of the Phoenix Five.  The artwork and colors provided by Salvador Larroca and Frank D’Armata are pleasing and compliment the story told in issue #6, but overall, nothing stands out.

Brace yourselves for an interesting story in the issues to come as Cable and X-Force begins a new journey into space…and expect a little twist at the end of this issue.

Cover by: Salvador Larroca/Frank O'Armata
Cover by: Salvador Larroca/Frank D’Armata

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