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‘Adventure Time’ # 39: Fast Paced Humor and Lively Art

‘Adventure Time’ # 39: Fast Paced Humor and Lively Art


Adventure Time #39
Written by Christopher Hastings
Illustrated by Zachary Sterling
Colors by Maarta Laiho
Published by BOOM! Studios/Kaboom!

Do you remember the story arc of when the people of Ooo could not recall how to cook? Well, this comic wraps up the arc. Come along and see the latest and nonstop action, chills, and thrills of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human in Adventure Time # 39. This time in the land of Ooo, our heroes combat against the fearsome Arklothac, a strange being who wishes to cook up the world and eat it. Finn and Jake use their different approaches to try to come to a solution to Arklothac’s threat. Writer Hastings gives a fast pace and humors plot filled with jokes and excitement. Artist Sterling continues the liveliness by smooth flowing artwork, terror in the right places, and expressive characters.

Hastings creates fast action and humor of the comic while developing a theme of maturity. The fast action comes from the quickness of the battles once Arklothac comes into scene. The heroes go into action with fight, while trying to think of solutions. Hastings’ pacing does not slow down the comic at any point. The humor of the comic comes from how Hastings cuts away from a scene to lighten the mood of the events. Such as when as a weather man talk about the boiling seas due to Arklothac’s attack. The theme of maturity returns with the different fighting styles of Jake and Finn. Finn finds it more mature to fight as a ranger fighter and uses strategy, while Jake goes into battle head on. The two brother’s disagreement in fighting and the argument over how best to defeat Arklothac shows the maturing of Finn. Yet for all of the talk and action of maturity, Hasting does something at the end of the comic that undermines theme. He makes it clear that Finn the Human is a teenager and will act impulsively or fearfully still.

Sterling crafts expressive artwork, spots of horror, and clear fight scenes. He does humorous work from the characters’ facial expression. For example when Finn kisses his injuries, Sterling emphasizes the kisses with little sparkles. See action scenes of fighting. Sterling’s work on Arklothac creates a clear and present threat. The image of the chef monster is a horrific creature that oozes red slime and wears a creepy chef mask. Sterling makes clear the unsettling nature of Arcklothac as he beings to tear apart Ooo for indigents. The fight scenes in the comic flow easily between panels and promote the rapidness of the plot.

Adventure Time # 39 keeps the final part of the story arc strong and enjoyable. The comic will surely delight readers of all ages for its jokes, fast paced story, and beautiful artwork.