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Adventure Time!: Candy Capers is a Mysterious Treat

Adventure Time!: Candy Capers is a Mysterious Treat


Adventure Time!: Candy Capers #1 (of 6)
Writer(s): Ananth Panagariya & Yuko Ota
Art: Ian McGinty
Colours: Marta Laiho
Letters: Hannah Nance Partlow
Cover(s): Josceline Fenton, Magnolia Porter, Rebecca Mock, Tessa Stone
Publisher: Kaboom Studios

With the success of Kaboom’s Adventure Time! comics and all its subsequent spin-offs, it’s no surprise that Kaboom is treating us to yet another AT! spin-off. But while the other stories may tread familiar waters, Adventure Time: Candy Capers takes a unique approach to the successful franchise. Forget the fact that the book serves as an homage to the hard-boiled detective stories of the past, the fact that this book stars Ooo’s most super evil citizen, Peppermint Butler, is enough to make fan boys salivate.

For those who don’t know, Peppermint Butler is an ancillary character, voiced perfectly by Stevie Janowski aka Steve Little, about whom we know quite little, except for the fact that he is evil. Pure, evil. Like eviller-than-the-Lich-King evil. Yet he is in service to Princess Bubblegum and even works with the heroes. His past, like much of Ooo’s is a tantalizing mystery in itself. But now, with Finn and Jake missing in action, it’s up to Peppermint Butler to find our heroes and protect the land from disarray.

The story reads like any classic detective story, in fact, it calls in many of the same tropes used by the BMO Noire episode, only this time the mystery is real. Panagariya and Ota have captured the voices of these characters perfectly and know what the fans want. Things remain relatively light in these first couple pages, with Peppermint Butler recruiting the dim-witted Cinnamon Bun as his partner, but once the game is afoot, the book really starts to pick up steam.

CandyCapers_01_preview_Page_06.jpgPerhaps the most exciting aspect of this book is when the duo head out upon the kingdom looking for answers. Not only do we get to see a wide variety of favourite characters, such as Marceline and Lumpy Space Princess, but we get to check in on some obscure ones who we may have forgotten about, like The Farm. Turning each page means being treated to a giddy surprise and that just adds to the fun.

The art is astounding as well. McGinty and his colourist Laiho have captured the playful simplicity of Adventure Time! superbly. The colouring is so impressive that each panel just pops right out of the page. Not only that, but half the fun of watching Adventure Time! is trying to find all the little easter eggs hidden within the show, and McGinty doesn’t disappoint. With so much to look at, the book remains a page turner well after the story ends.

Adventure Time!: Candy Capers #1 (of 6) looks like the start of another great adventure. Featuring vibrant art and some of the best characters from the show, this book is a must have for any fan of Adventure Time! or anyone looking for something truly different on the shelves. Oh, and wait till you find out who becomes the head of the Banana Guards, it’s quite the treat.